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    Is this enough of a reason to kill someone who knows too much?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Ryan Elder, Sep 10, 2016.

    Basically for my story, which is a thriller set in modern times, a gang of villains are recruiting a new member, and they give him a 'blood in', which is a term used for when a gang tests a new recruit, by having him/her spill the blood of another person, or at least see if they will do it.

    The gang in my story, wants to make sure that the new recruit is not be an undercover cop. So they put him through the blood in, but they do not want to put the man in a situation where he has to harm a real hostage. The reason is, is because if he is an undercover cop, and there could be other cops nearby, they would be up on kidnapping related charges, if they had a real hostage for the new recruit to harm.

    So the gang decides to use one of it's own members, posing as a hostage, for the new recruit to pull the trigger on. But the gun will not be loaded. It will be loaded with a dummy round, that won't fire, in case the new recruit is an undercover cop. That way, if he is, and he tries to bust the gang, the hostage, will not testify against them, if she is rescued.

    During the blood in test though, a real cop is patrolling the streets, and he gets a glimpse of two of the gang members search the new recruit for weapons and a wire. He sees that the new recruits are hiding their faces with sunglasses and hats, as well, to hide their faces from the new recruit.

    After seeing that the new recruit is clean, the gang takes him to the place where they are holding one of their own members, who is posing as a hostage for the new recruit.

    The cop follows them, sneaks around to see what is going on, and spots the blood in, in progress. He stops it and manages to arrest one of the gang members, and rescue the fake hostage, thinking she is real. The other gang members as well as the new recruit, escape as the cop rescues her and arrests the one.

    I wrote it out before that she doesn't know what the cops know, and therefore she does not want to get caught in any lies. So she chooses to remain silent, and not say anything. This causes the police to want her to cooperate so the prosecution subpoenas her to appear at a preliminary hearing, to testify against the arrested defendant.

    This causes the gang to worry that she will be caught in a lie, even though she is willing to, when being forced to testify, and they plan on killing her.

    However, after going over the plot with fresh eyes, and asking some others' opinions, the defendant being arrested causes complications in the plot that I don't want.

    So I was thinking of changing it to that maybe the entire gang gets away, and all the cops have is her, but she will not cooperate, in telling anything about the others. So I was thinking of writing it, so that the prosecution subpoenas her to appear before a grand jury instead of a preliminary hearing, and she will testify at the grand jury with no defendant to prosecute. She just testifies as to what happens.

    However, is this enough of a reason for the gang to come after her and kill her? Especially if no defendant has been arrested? They don't have to try to kill her necessarily, but I would like them to physically come after her, even if it's just for threats or another reason. In order for the story to go where I want it to go, I would like a physical attack on her of some sort, for it to work.

    Or would the gang have to actually have one of their members in custody in order to be pushed far enough to kill one of their own?

    Thank you anyone for your opinions. I really appreciate it.
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    Can't answer about how the American legal system works but I'll try to share some thoughts and see if they can help you.

    I think its hard to say what the gang will do without knowing about personal relations. As a principle, yes, any gang member who cooperate with the police will be killed by their gang if possible. But thing is also that to my knowledge getting to prison from time to time is part of the criminal life, and so if the member who got caught shuts up, or the gang is confident in that she won't say anything, then they will probably just wait for her to come out again and get back into the gang.

    So as I see it, the gang member you want to be attacked could perhaps have either some sort of action in the past that makes the gang think she'll rat on them, or if they are pretty trigger happy her really just cooperating with the system could absolutely make the gang, in my mind, think thatthis chick will keep talking and start spilling stuff and so she needs to be silenced.

    One scenario I thought of is this: The gang killed a trio of drug dealders who wouldn't pay for operating on their territory and the "hostage" was part of that operation but showed some kind of hesitation over it, even if she went through with it. Now when she's caught they are afraid she will spill all the beans and so need to be silenced, or if you want the gang to be more of assholes, she rejected advances by a friend of the gang's leader and now he's used his friendship with the leader to get back at her by having her killed. I absolutely think you could build up a backstory of the gang and its members' relations to explain why the story plays out.
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    I'm a little confused. If the cops believe they have a victim, but she is unwilling to testify and the cops have no perpetrator of a crime, what good is the subpeona? To go to trial, you need a defendant, whereas in the situation you described, you don't have one. I may be reading this completely wrong or be more clueless than I think about the legal system, but I don't see how she would be a threat to the gang. Plus, I don't see how the cops could hold her or anyone could force her to testify.

    A bigger threat would be if the cops/lawyers knew she was a gang member and arrested her on actual charges. They could then offer her a deal in return for testifying against the other gang members. In this case, yes, I could see the gang trying to kill her.
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    Battlestar Galactica: "All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again."

    Guys, he has asked his various questions before, on endless endless threads, and he never ever allows the problems to be solved.
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    a) if theres no defendant to prosecute why is there a grand jury ?


    b) if shes forced to testfy at grand jury she'll just take the 5th (her right to avoid self incrimination) and not answer any questions

    c) a gang as brutal as this one is supposed to be will kill anyone they have any doubts about without needing a good reason

    As may :rolleyes: have been mentioned before on some of your other 180 plus threads on this , you need to talk to some real lawyers and cops, and/or do some substantial research - rather than expecting the membership here to do your research and write your novel for you

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