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    Is this too dark?

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by TheDarkWriter, Apr 18, 2018.

    So my female MC is a super villain but mostly falls into a anti hero area. She works for my Male MC and she's his love interest but they have a bit of a messed up history. He's been around for a while and he's trying to take over the world. She's loyal to him because he saved her from a bad situation and trained her to control her abilities.

    There is just one issue I find a bit disconcerting she's known him since she was 15 and he's literally centuries older. He started out as a mentor to her and he behaves that way more often then not. However what's starting to bother me is that he's known her since she was a minor and even though in the story she's an adult she's pretty much had feelings for him since they first met.

    Now he never made a move on her while she was a minor because he was more focused on training her he actually didn't even address her feelings for years. I'm just wondering is this something that should be addressed at least by other characters?
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    Sounds like an interesting dynamic. Being that she's no longer a minor I wouldn't think it should be an issue. I do like the idea of other characters finding something disturbing about it and confronting her about it. I also like the idea of her struggling with those feelings herself since they were formed at such a young age.

    Supervillains and antiheroes are meant to have character flaws, so this could be very interesting to pursue. :)
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    There's nothing wrong with having a crush as a teenager. The question you must answer is how that angsty crush (don't argue, all 15-year-old crushs are angsty) turns into a mature attraction and from there into a mature relationship.

    That's her side. For his side, assuming that he really was only her mentor/father figure for the longest time, I'd wonder how that kind of relationship turns into sexual attraction once she's grown up, especially with his life-span. Please don't make the Edward-mistake and give us a centuries old vampire who behaves like a 17-year-old brat.

    And yes, of course it should be addressed. Best in a juicy pillow talk that goes spectacularly pear-shaped.

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