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    Is this type of ending possible for my story?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Ryan Elder, May 13, 2016.

    For my story, I have thought of several different endings, but have not been satisfied with any of one of them, or found any to be as interesting as I would like.

    Mainly it's a screenplay, so I don't want it to be near as long compared to a novel. It's a crime/suspense thriller type story, where the police are after a gang, but the ending I want, is that I want the entire gang to be caught at the same time with no loose ends, are very little if it can be helped.

    But in all the endings I have come up with, I cannot think of a way for the entire gang to all be caught at the same time, without having some sort of plot hole or without it feeling forced, that they would all have motive to ALL be in the same place and time to do something to get them caught, so to speak.

    I have been told by readers and even writers, who's opinions I have asked that it's impossible to catch an entire gang at the same time and completely unrealistic for the police to be able to do that. Realistically the cops would go to where one of them lives, arrest him on evidence, and get that person to turn in some others, and then do so the same thing and so forth.

    But doing it that way, makes for kind of an underwhelming ending with little of the surprises and drama I had in mind. Plus if I did it that way the script would be too long, and it would take too long to get from one villain to another, plot structure wise.

    I need to wrap things up quickly. But is it possible to build toward an ending where they are all caught in the same time and place, or is that just too much to hope for, and I need to go with a variant of the ending that is suggested, even though I feel it is underwhelming?

    I was told by one writer, that for this type of story, this type of ending is inevitable, but that is that true, do you think? Is my ending possible in theory, and I should keep trying to explore if it can be done?
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    I recommend deleting the duplicate thread.

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