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    It was time (3,646 words) by anthraxx

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    It was time

    Jennifer ran through the morbid hallway, filled with soreness and melancholy. The nurse entertained her with a dim frown. She dried her tears with a handkerchief, trying to act composed.
    “I’m here to see Evangeline Devland.”
    She scratched her neck as she muttered the words.
    “Who are you in relation to her?”
    Jennifer forced back tears, feeling as if her mouth was full of muck. She indicated her name on the permitted visitor’s list. After all, her parents had chosen a special room for her then why not some privacy.
    The nurse scribbled her details on a rough piece of paper, nodding as she went past her. She wept, secluded in her anguish as she saw Eva staring at the ceiling without any reflection or reason. Her body was tucked in the white hospital quilt carelessly while her hair was untidily resting on her shoulders. Her face was horrific enough to scare a ghost. Jennifer fit herself on a spot beside her and stroke her fingers gently through her hair, hot tears streaming down her rosy cheeks.
    “Feeling any better?”
    Eva kept quiet, as Jennifer coiled her fingers around her right palm.
    “I know you’re still in there. I know you’ll come back.”
    Her blank eyes kept focused on the wall, and her once vigilant ears now ignored vicious crying from Jennifer
    “Say anything. Please.”
    Jennifer pleaded, feeling as if she was far away from her already.
    “Please. I can’t see you like this.”
    Eva’s expressionless face didn’t even nudge as Jennifer buried her head in her lap. Finally, she got up, shaking her by the shoulders.
    Jennifer screeched on the top of her lungs, fighting aggressive tears. Eva simply lay there, unmoved.
    Eva strode through the hallway, holding a thick file with corners of papers breaking out. She had her eyes fixed on the file as she turned to her locker. Unexpectedly a quick hand grabbed her file from behind as she opened to read it.
    Eva screamed in agitation, jumping up and down, trying to grab hold of the file from her handsome and pretty giant friend. Kevin stuck his tongue out as the otherwise thin and small Eva ran around him like a pixie.
    “Kevin…it’s important!”
    “Duh I know that. That’s why I’m teasing you about it.”
    “Kevin…it’s not funny!”
    “Actually it is.”
    Eva eyed him imposingly, and he dutifully returned the file back.
    “Sorry…couldn’t resist.”
    He said as he turned to his own locker, pulling out his history notes.
    “Oh it’s okay…”
    Eva rolled her eyes, thrusting her hands over his broad shoulders.
    “I’m sorry too.”
    She said wickedly as she pulled away his notebook, and scurried off.
    Kevin shouted, and spun around, wading towards her.
    “Eva…it’s not funny! History is first period! Mrs. Becker will kill me if I’m late…”
    Sneaking past the principal’s office, Kevin panted his way through the cafeteria.
    “Where are you, Eva?”
    He mulled anxiously, and swiveled his head like a wheel, looking for Eva’s mystical brown hair, enchanting blue eyes however obnoxious voice.
    Eva jumped on him from behind, grinning. Kevin shrugged her off, making a disappointed face.
    “Go away.”
    Kevin haughtily raised his neck, and Eva said in between grins:
    “Aww…sorry Kevin. But it was pretty fair. You stole my documents and I stole yours.”
    “You’re so mean.”
    Kevin moaned tiredly, and Eva rolled a curl of his hair around her index finger.
    “I know, I know. But you’ve always got a choice. You can swap me with someone you like.”
    Kevin grinned in delusional malevolence, striking his gaze towards Eva.
    “You know, I will.”
    “So do it.”
    “I really, really will.”
    “Then do it. I already have my pick. Danielle’s brother, Jeremy is a much better-“
    “Yeah well, if that’s so. Go on, I don’t care.”
    Kevin mumbled insecurely, feeling hurt. Eva laughed and pulled open Kevin’s folded arms.
    “You idiot! I could never, in my life, think of a better friend than you.”
    “Of course.”
    Kevin’s cheeks dimpled as he got his notes back.
    “What time is it anyways?”
    “What?! I’m five minutes late for class!”
    Kevin’s hair stood straight as he scratched his head in anxiety.
    “Six minutes as of now, actually.”
    A cold and unpleasant voice echoed through the cafeteria. Every single adolescent deemed it wise to escape. Eva’s jaw dropped down as Principal Hudson pulled Kevin by his shoulder in his fierce ways.
    “Kevin Stein…if you have so much time in your life that you may spare it for your girlfriend-“
    “She’s not my girlfriend, sir.”
    Kevin interrupted, breaking the principal’s rhythm for a split second.
    “Whatever. What I’m trying to say is that school comes first. And since you are not ready to learn that, Mr. Stein, I’ll immediately take you to my office where you can read magazines and watch TV for the entire History lesson.”
    “But it’s my test today! It carries thirty percent marks in the finals!”
    “Well, that’s your freaking bad luck, I’ll say.”
    Eva bit her lower lip as Kevin hung his head in disdain, walking into the principal’s office.

    “It’s okay, Kevin.”
    “No it’s not. It’s sickening and outrageous. I’m going to get to the max, a D in History!”
    “Be on time from now onwards.”
    “Tell that to Eva…all because-“
    “Sorry. I’m just so angry at what’s just happened, Jenny.”
    “Chill out, brother. So what if your final grade is affected? History is just one subject anyways.”
    Jennifer patted Kevin’s back as he tore open his locker and stuffed it with his notes. Jennifer awed behind him and Kevin turned his head to see what was happening. He found Eva giggling as she talked to an unknown man. Kevin shrugged off the jealous feeling which had suddenly erupted in him and joined in the couple.
    “Who’s this?”
    Kevin asked, trying not to be nosy.
    “Oh, this is Darren! He was the boy in my school I told you about. And Darren, this is Kevin, my best friend.”
    Eva smiled widely as she talked, with Jennifer popping in to say:
    “Well, tell more about me! I’m Kevin’s sister.”
    “Sorry, Queen of England. I feeleth guilt for sins I hast committeth.”
    Eva chanted the last line mockingly at which Darren laughed in an unusual way which Kevin found disturbing.
    “Well, you haven’t changed a bit, Eva. And it is a pleasure to meet you, Jennifer.”
    Jennifer jumped up in glee, shaking her hands with him. Kevin tried his best to at least act excited, but it barely helped.
    “And you too, Kevin.”
    Kevin gave a bleak smile and shook hands with him.
    “You don’t seem to be from around the city.”
    “That’s true, Kevin.”
    “Where are you from then?”
    “Ever heard of Berwick?”
    “Yeah. Eva’s from there too. I know, because I’m her friend.”
    “Since Eva and I had studied together in elementary school, I don’t think you would need to ask this question.”
    Darren said coldly, and then in a sudden smile said:
    “Unless you’re not as a good friend of Eva as it seems.”
    Kevin despicably eyed him and replied:
    “I have similar doubts about you, if you ask me.”
    Eva nudged him with her shoulder and shot her eyes at him. Kevin sighed and let her continue.
    “Forgive Kevin. He’s a little upset today.”
    “Why, what happened?”
    Darren asked curiously, and Eva went on to explain the incident to him. Kevin frowned and let out a groan.
    “What now?”
    Eva stopped in between, slightly annoyed. Kevin shook his head and pulled Jennifer towards himself.
    “Well Jenny and I have some things to do back at home. See you two some other time.”
    Before Eva could say something, and Jennifer could shrug off her brother, Kevin was halfway down the corridor.
    “Kevin! Wait…is something wrong?”
    Darren clutched Eva’s right wrist lightly.
    “He’s probably having a bad day. Give him a break.”
    “He’s never been like this before.”
    Eva whispered, quite worried.
    “Maybe he’s jealous of us!”
    Darren joked, and managed to bring a smile on Eva’s face.
    “Yeah, maybe.”
    Darren then closed in on Eva and pushed away her hair.
    “Don’t fret. He’ll be okay.”

    Kevin played a droning game of checkers with his Australian ‘parrot’ as Jennifer oiled her hair.
    “Ha! Checkmate.”
    Kevin suddenly squealed with such fervor that Jennifer dropped her bottle of oil.
    Jennifer grunted, reaching the floor to pick up the bottle.
    “What? I’m having fun just right.”
    “You’re playing with yourself.”
    “My parrot.”
    Kevin said with sheer confidence, such that Jennifer was forced to give a ‘logical’ explanation.
    “Who, unfortunately, is sleeping and you’re taking turns on his part.”
    Jennifer poked the parrot’s cage, which snored loudly and then yawned. Kevin got up and paired himself with the window.
    “Stop acting like Romeo and go talk to Eva. She’s called you five times all day and you haven’t bothered even check.”
    “I’m not in a mood.”
    Kevin mumbled, hemming the curtain with his fingers.
    “Well that’s too silly.”
    Jennifer placed her arm around Kevin’s shoulder, pulling his cheeks.
    “Look, Darren is new for you but not for Eva. She’ll treat him like a brother. You just need to have a better understanding with Darren.”
    “How? I just messed up with him this morning.”
    “Why don’t you go see him right now? I got his address from Eva.”
    Kevin was hesitant, but upon persistence by Jennifer, he finally agreed.
    “Okay – but don’t expect me to come back with a brimming smile on my face.”
    Jennifer chuckled, pushing Kevin through the front door.
    Kevin didn’t know why, but there was this feeling in him that Darren wasn’t the good guy type. He had tried his very best to think of nice attributes in regards to Darren – but in his mind kept coming terrifying visions of Darren. Kevin tried to think about his otherwise alluring apparel as he drove to his apartment. Kevin wasn’t too surprised to know that Darren owned a scrubby apartment, in a building which was rumored to be owned by thugs. Or maybe it was just suspicion talking. Kevin slapped himself and breathed heavily, climbing the creaky staircase to the topmost floor.
    He darted towards Darren’s apartment, but to his surprise there was a trashy note stuck on to the rotting wooden door.
    “Gone firin’.”
    “Now I’ve heard of gone fishing,” Kevin thought to himself, “but never of this.”
    Anyhow, Kevin decided to consult his neighbors about his ‘firing’ spot. Before he could, anyways, Darren came running towards him.
    Darren exclaimed, astounded by his arrival. Kevin forcibly smiled and said cheerily:
    “I thought that since you’re such a good friend of Eva’s, we should spend more time together. Right?”
    Darren was still suspended in shock, but after a while he muttered:
    “R-right. I just came back from firing-“he raised his rifle as he continued, “But since you’re here anyways, why don’t we go shoot off at my hangout, eh?”
    Darren added some humor to his voice as he talked. Kevin wasn’t willing to ‘shoot off’ with Darren but for Eva’s sake he readily agreed. Darren’s jeep was quite shabby, with the headlight twisted and the front two seats lacking proper foaming, but the drive wasn’t too long either. Darren’s hideout was more of a secluded hut – but something about it wasn’t right. Darren unpacked his rifle accessories, allowing Kevin to examine the webbed hut. He noticed a metal cupboard lying horizontally, dotted with at least a million holes. Kevin realized it was where he practiced firing.
    Kevin smudged his hand over the bathroom door, eyeing carefully the dying varnish of the door knob. Everything kept haunting him with a feeling of disgust and his inner gut feeling of danger was even more horrifying. There was twang of the rifle being fired and Kevin turned around, petrified.
    “How’s that?”
    Darren asked, and Kevin’s cheeks returned to full color.
    Kevin said plaintively, moving towards Darren to see the target.
    “Why don’t you give it a try?”
    Darren handed Kevin the rifle, and feeling at ease, Kevin aimed wisely. A bullet went blasting through the rifle and ripped the middle of the cupboard.
    “Bravo, Kevin! You seem to be an inborn shooter.”
    Darren slapped Kevin’s back, who smiled excitedly and gave back the rifle to Darren. Hence, they kept taking turns with the shooting, quiet for the most part.
    “So, Kevin, how long have you known Eva?”
    Darren interrupted the momentum, and Kevin took a deep sigh as he aimed another target.
    “We patched up as friends last year when I moved into her neighborhood.”
    “Wow. You two must have a delicious chemistry.”
    “I guess.”
    Kevin didn’t say anything else, as Darren reloaded the rifle. He kept thinking about a darker side to Darren. Finally, he couldn’t resist but ask.
    “Darren,” Kevin began, trying not to be very offensive, “have you ever thought about Eva’s…luxurious life? I mean, she lives a pretty spoilt life and doesn’t even care about it.”
    Darren tried to ignore the question, giving an uninterested answer.
    “That’s what all spoilt brats are like. Carefree and irresponsible.”
    “I know. But sometimes I wonder if Eva even deserves so much financial favors.”
    Darren grinned this time, finally taking aim.
    “Yeah – maybe.”
    Kevin rolled his eyes as an idea struck his mind.
    “Too bad her parents have named all her money to the trust if she died.”
    Darren let go of his aim and spun towards Kevin, his face completely pale. His hands started to shake as if he would drop dead any second now.
    “What?! That’s impossible. I checked their will, the money goes to me if I-“
    Darren stopped in between his dialogue, slapping his mouth shut. Kevin’s eyes widened in trepidation.
    “I knew it…you’re here just for her money. You’re nothing like a friend to her.”
    Darren lassoed his rifle’s belt around Kevin’s neck, snickering.
    “Great. I thought I’d be able to hide this longer.”
    Then, poking his rifle against Kevin’s chest, he looked straight into his eyes.
    “Don’t mess with me, Kevin. I won’t kill you because you’re a simple man. But – don’t try to be more than this simple man you are.”
    Darren then removed the rifle, unwinding its belt from around Kevin’s neck. Kevin was instilled in fear, and only managed to speak little.
    “Look…don’t you even try to hurt Eva!”
    “Sorry, I’m not changing any plans. What you’re gonna do about it? Tell on me to the police? Please. You should know that my father is an officer in the police department.”
    “I’ll tell Eva.”
    “Wow. And do you think she’ll believe you?”
    “She’s my best friend.”
    “Fine. Put your friendship to the test, Kevin. I can bet my life that she won’t believe you.”

    Kevin drafted across the newly polished marble floor, slightly skidding. He was confident that Eva would listen to him, and Darren’s undue pride would prove false. He didn’t know what else would happen, so he wanted to disclose this in front of everyone so that Darren could be caught.
    Eva had just stepped out of Mythology class when Kevin whooshed right towards her. Slightly taken aback, Eva dropped her course book.
    Was all Kevin could speak, flabbergasted and further muted due to Darren’s presence.
    “It’s okay…you seem to be in a hurry today.”
    Eva said carelessly, casually pacing towards her locker. Darren acted completely cool, with unshakable conviction of mind. Kevin put away his angst and grabbed Eva’s right shoulder.
    “Eva – I need to tell you something about Darren.”
    Kevin’s voice was above audibility, as if he deliberately wanted everyone to hear. Eva’s eyes narrowed as she warily listened to Kevin.
    “Darren isn’t your friend, Eva. He’s here just for your big bucks. He wants you dead.”
    Eva at first stuffed her books into her locker, taking her time to figure this out. Then, very calmly she said:
    “Kevin, and how do you think that’ll ever happen? My money would go to the one I want. Unless your jealously has reached such indignity,” Eva’s voice gained shrill, “that you’ve started to think like this.”
    Kevin’s delicate and lustrous eyes dried out, stoned by her reaction. His determined stance broke down as he let his shoulders deflate. His face was full of betrayal.
    “Ev-va…don’t you believe me?”
    He said out meekly, holding back his tears. Darren sneered towards Kevin as Eva furiously answered:
    “Am I supposed to believe, that my childhood friend is going to murder me?”
    “You know I wouldn’t lie to you!”
    “How can I be sure? I’ve always thought of you as a humble and caring friend. But you turned out to be a complete failure.”
    Eva painfully turned away, trying to put an end to the conversation.
    “Eva, trust me! This…this brute is just playing with you! He’s a murderer, a killer, a-“
    “At least,” Eva began, “He’s not a rude, pathetic liar such as you.”
    “But I’m serious…”
    Kevin, clenching his fists, clasped Darren’s shirt heatedly.
    “Spill it, you monster!”
    Eva pulled Darren away, who was acting as innocent as a newborn throughout the melodrama.
    Eva burst out ferociously, slapping Krayole with full force. Krayole stood erectly like a statue, not even moving.
    “You know what,” Eva muttered, weeping briefly, “I simply hate you. You’re the worst friend one could have.”
    Kevin froze in agony as Eva left, and Darren’s ominous laughs echoed in his head. He was being overconfident after all.
    Kevin stayed back at school, trying to recollect the earlier events of the day. He still hadn’t digested it. He had never thought Eva wouldn’t trust him. Never. He snuck into the janitor’s quarter, since it was the best sanctuary for an escapist from reality. Trying to divert his concentration towards the bucket of drain water in front of him, Kevin sat morosely in a corner of the room.
    Unexpectedly, the door was struggled against, at which Kevin got up and opened the lock. The door burst open, pushing Kevin behind it and covering him completely. It hit him hard, but before he could complain, he saw Darren and another man entering the room.
    “It’s simple as this. We’ll burn her car. We already have a new will legalized.”
    Kevin held his breath, feeling that Darren might see him.
    “So when do I do it?”
    “This evening at four. She’ll be coming to see Jennifer for her science project.”
    “And the jack?”
    Darren sniggered, and pulled out a thick stack of cash. Kevin started to sweat, even though it was mid-November.
    “Think of it as done, boss.”
    By the time the two laughed their way out of the quarter, Kevin was shuddering. He looked back at his watch. It was two o’clock already! He had to get to Eva right away. Kevin jumped out of the room, and without any prior screening, he ran for the door. Just as he reached the main door, Principal Hudson appeared to begin his vicious scolding.
    “Hiding out in school, are we?”
    “No…no sir.”
    Kevin said impatiently, looking over the principal’s shoulder.
    “Very funny. I know very well that you don’t have any extra classes or stay backs. Plus school has been over since one o’clock.”
    “But I had some work to do, sir.”
    “And how can you prove it to me, that it was work and not some spontaneous plan for a prank?”
    “Can you prove it?”
    Kevin hung his head in failure.
    “Then detention for you. Till four o’ clock.”
    Kevin’s eyes filled up with dread.
    Kevin moaned to himself, unable to think of a good way to solve this issue. Even worst, the principal had his mobile now. Even if he did make a call somehow – who would he call? No one believed him. Even his sister had not been on talking terms with him since after the incident. Kevin eyed the clock desperately as it the smaller needle crept towards the number four. He started to sob and finally got up from his seat.
    “I’m sorry sir,” Kevin announced to the surprised principal, “but I have to go.”
    Dashing through the hallways, with accused shouts from the principal, he carelessly ran across the street. He traced his steps to Eva’s house, counting each second as if it were infinity.
    Eva was checking her purse for her mobile, just incase she had forgotten it inside. She was stunned to see Kevin arriving, tension rampant on his otherwise vivacious face. However, she ignored him and slipped into the driving seat.
    Kevin screamed, just a few steps away from her. There were just ten seconds remaining.
    Eva acted indifferent to his screams, and started the car. Kevin yelled once more:
    “They’re going to burn it Eva!”
    Kevin tried to pull open Eva’s door, at which she pressed the pressure gauge harder.
    “Get lost, Kevin. I’m not interested.”
    Kevin boxed at the window, shattering it to pieces, blood creaming his fist.
    Eva was daunted by Kevin, as he flung open the door from inside.
    He tried to pull Eva out, who kicked him belligerently.
    Recovering, Kevin pulled her outside once more due to which he fell onto her.
    “LEAVE ME!”
    Eva screamed, Kevin drowning under her body.
    Kevin pushed her out, despite her resistance.
    Eva spotted a flame of fire hovering on her, handed by a man. Realizing what was happening, she pulled Kevin out and threw him towards her garden, slipping over a rock onto the car.
    A flame opened up like an umbrella, an individual soaking up with its fury. Kevin stood straight to find a scorching woman leaning against the car.
    “Forget it, Jenny. She’s dead.”
    Kevin silently spoke, cuddling himself in a corner of the room. Jennifer flailed around, trying to feel better.
    “You never know when it’s time.”

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