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    Jane Beryl - Weekly Poetry Contest 119 (Losing Someone) Winner

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Jul 10, 2010.

    Zanier and Cael
    By Jane Beryl

    I pulled a tear across my mind.
    I wiped away my heart dry.
    No need to explain what happened here.
    I have lost him, that is what happened here.

    He rustled my clothes in the dim shadow-light.
    He rustled my heart to a bright light of fright.
    The light left that night, glowing on him.
    It settle across the hall, glowing on him.

    He was to bring the sword.
    He was to bring that Bridget.
    The Bridget that would save my city.
    The Bridget that would stop crimson waves.

    The crimson waves drowned my city.
    The crimson waves brought the fears.
    The fears of my people could now be silenced.
    The fear of my heart would throb on in an echo.

    An echo which scratched the walls.
    An echo which pierced my heart.
    The hero would save my city-state.
    The hero would die for my life sake.

    The meeting was over between my council men.
    The meeting new brought me my man.
    He spoke words of rest to my soul.
    He spoke words that would wreck my soul.

    I stared into his magic eyes one last time.
    I grabbed onto his powerful soul one last time.
    His lips graced me twice before he left me.
    His presence endearing before he left me.

    After that he was gone from my life.
    He save a kingdom, but gone from my life.
    Only he had waited to see,
    Only to see what he had brought.

    Ah, the sun.
    Oh my son!
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