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    jaywriting and ScaryMonster - Weekly Poetry Contest (139) Joint Winners

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Feb 16, 2011.

    Reflections On Water
    By jaywriting

    On a cool winter's day
    The river flows freely
    The ripples revealing
    A dirty cracked mirror

    I gaze down upon
    This chilly land of shadows
    Silhouettes are dancing
    And call me come nearer

    I see pictures painted
    In only one colour
    Still the painter will promise
    He might yet use another

    But this image is dull!
    My senses proclaim
    There is nothing to love
    In this land full of shades

    And so I walk and walk and walk.

    Wide hats and leather
    Dogs on a tether
    They just want to be friends

    Buggies and babies
    Two fat ladies
    Pumping off the pounds

    Footsteps then curls
    The face of a girl
    All of the world in her smile

    A motor running
    A man wrestling
    His mighty two wheeled foe

    The world in a rush
    I walk on to the hush
    I talk with my echo under the bridge

    Hazy and murky
    Polluted and dirty
    Once more the water returns my gaze

    Fancy a swim?
    Come dive in
    Not today I politely reply

    For if green were grey
    It would be grey all day
    In your drab flat world


    Helio’s Minuet
    By ScaryMonster

    As I stand before the mizzen,
    the topgallant sails catch the
    ocean rhythm.

    And upon a distant line of vision,
    I spy the birth of wind, half risen.

    From a star touched well he’s
    risen, a lonely orb in an airless

    A clockwork god of grand precision,
    a fiery ball with rays of crimson.

    And within this brooding well, he
    drags the current and the ocean

    He moves the ships and lifts the
    gulls; he warms deck and cheers
    the souls.

    But within these tropic climes he lifts
    the winds and blows our minds.

    A minuet of sorts is born, feeding
    dark cyclonic storms.

    Convection rises, the storm is spent,
    and to the Sun our prayers are sent.
  2. jaywriting

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    Jan 27, 2011
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    Gratz ScaryMonster, I liked yours :)
  3. ScaryMonster

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    Jan 10, 2011
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    Thanks Jaywriting,
    I enjoyed yours as well and congratulations, two very different types of poems though, metrical and free verse.

    ScaryMonster Esq.
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