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    Jetshroom - Weekly Poetry Contest (167) Winner

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Oct 30, 2011.

    By Jetshroom

    When last I saw my lover,
    removed from loving arms,
    blamed by friend and neighbour,
    convicted by her charms.

    Her sins and mine were equal,
    yet the crowd had turned.
    So my nights companion,
    upon the square was burned.

    Logs were piled upon the green,
    the pyre, there erected.
    Then fire they called to christen,
    their vile witch, detected.

    A haze of putrid ashes,
    Her cries burned in my ears,
    My true love, I could not save,
    my love of many years.

    Her screams encouraged cheering.
    They watched her as she burned.
    My broken heart was steeled,
    noble courage had returned.

    No longer could I endure,
    my lover’s awful pains.
    So I hurled myself upon,
    those loving, lustful flames.

    And so we burned together,
    convicted of false crimes,
    that we may love forever,
    until the end of times.
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