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    jo spumoni and AnUnknownAuthor - Weekly Poetry Contest (157) Joint Winners

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Jul 22, 2011.

    Yesterday's News
    By jo spumoni

    I didn't know she was called Yesterday
    At the time, she was quite deceitful
    And told me her name was "Today"
    I don't know my current mistress either
    Yesterday called her Tomorrow
    But Tomorrow whispered in my ear
    This morning when the light broke
    And poor Yesterday died in the darkness
    That she was the real "Today"
    Before her death, Yesterday smiled
    At high noon she flashed those beautiful teeth
    And said, very quietly,
    So that I had to strain my ear to listen
    News that wasn't in the papers
    Or on Channel 9 at 6 and 10 PM
    Yesterday's news was simple:
    She was leaving me
    So I'd better enjoy her while I could
    And take in every beauty
    And every wonder
    While I still had time


    21st Century Journalism
    By AnUnknownAuthor

    Never again shall it truly be taken as gospel
    Even when first-hand knowledge seems irrefutable
    Whilst in all honestly you can find more moral fibre visiting a brothel
    Sources that when placed under scrutiny found to be most unsuitable

    Our voice once synonymous with truth, the voice of the public is now and forever tarnished
    For now their rights have been revoked, ours once again endeavouring to be heard burnished

    Docile leaders who care more for their genitalia than their electorate
    Apostles visionary they may be still constrained by surreptitious peers
    Your own views shaped by the sullied minds of our self-appointed protectorate
    Shown unspeakable horrors and tragedies alongside natural beauties hiding their tears

    Grand fonts depicting the events of the past whilst making assumptions of the future
    One weeks worth of Sunday papers destroying half a million trees just to spread their truth
    Never have we seen such procrastination we need to eradicate the cancer and stitch with a suture
    Everlasting truth is what is printed albeit from a source that is increasingly treacherous and uncouth

    Bye for now and apologies for the lack of comic strips
    Yesterdays news is equal to Todays Fish and Chips
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    Congrats Jo spumoni and AnUnknownAuthor, they are both really well written poems!! :)
  3. AllWrite

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    Congrats to both poems.
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