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    jo spumoni and Cogito - Weekly Poetry Contest (127) Joint Winners

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Nov 5, 2010.

    Cindy, oh Cindy
    By jo spumoni

    Cindy, oh Cindy, thine face smelleth sweet
    For the roses of summer do bloom on thine cheek
    And fragrant and warm art thine tiny feet
    And when meeteth our eyes, my heart feeleth weak.

    Within thine smile doth resteth the sun
    And within thine eyes, the stars,
    And when meeteth our lips, we two become one
    Though still we are one from afar

    Dear Cindy! I fear I doth fail
    To sayeth all that I pine
    The poor words lament, and old Language ails
    To describe thine own hand on mine

    I didst try to be eloquent in olden words, but I wonder if it's true:
    Would you love me better had I just said, "I love you"?


    By Cogito

    She walks among the shadows, cloaked in flame
    As hard as steel, invisible as air
    All demons flee in terror at her name
    Or wither into smoke before her glare

    Among the stars she strides across the sky
    Accepts no limits as she rules the night
    Millennia like mayflies pass her by
    And Time himself surrenders to her light

    She holds the universe within her hand
    Or slips between two subatomic waves
    One word of love from her upon the land
    Will raise the dead and lost up from their graves

    But if my love’s existence you refuse
    I shrug. For only I can see my Muse.
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    Cindy, oh Cindy
    I Love the ending of this sonnet...I enjoyed the entirety of it, but the ending was a homerun!
    What awesome imagery I get when I read this. I love to write about my muse... that only I know. Of all the poems I've read, I can relate to this one the most, in many different ways. I really, really liked it.
    Thank You Guys for both of these beautifully written sonnets.
  3. jo spumoni

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    Thanketh thee for thine kind words :)

    I hope the next contest will have more entries.
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