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    Jobs in afghanistan

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Chelsea, Oct 5, 2015.

    I was wondering what job would be something you could do in Afghanistan that you could do in Canada. Like for example if your a doctor in Afghanistan you wouldn't have enough education to be a doctor in Canada (from what I understand). So what would be a job where you would get decent money and wouldn't have to further your education that could be carried on from Afghanistan to Canada?

    Hope this make sense :)
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    I worked with a guy who was driving forklift in Afghanistan through a Canadian employer. Not very glamourous, but outside of medicine, the jobs are few and far between. I think Tim Horton's, our Dunkin' Donuts, had a trailer or something there too.
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    Physicians, nurses, dentists and pharmacists from foreign countries would have to pass exams to practice in the US. I believe Canada is the same. And they would need to be fluent in English. However, we have lots of foreigners who do get training elsewhere and come here to work.

    There is a medical school in Kabul.

    This might have some useful information.

    You should pick the profession you want your character to have and see if it is possible. If not, pick another one and do the same. There's bound to be a path a professional can take to licensure in another country.

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