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    Just One Race??

    Discussion in 'Setting Development' started by Sir. Phenhex, Nov 15, 2017.

    My novel set in the future where everything is automated and fake: lighting, air, and food are all modified or simulated. And the government controls it all off a large computer. This automated world is set on a planet called Earth 9, which is not really a planet but a large space station housing 1 million people. When I was reading my first chapters draft, I was introducing my main character and I was wondering what is his race. I was thinking would there be just one race, so the government could control religion and racial ideas. That way, racial disagreements wouldn't start nor would it create a war on a small space craft, which in my book is the motto, “Blessed with peace of mind”. But later is found in the online database was originally “Lost With One Mind”. Could the idea of one race be possible. And I was thinking if any of the following would be a believable theories:

    1. That the government has control over the birth of a child and has either some sort of GMO in the food or birth control and the humans are alright with that because as the government might say “this is all for the hopes when we return to earth 1 the future children will be able to have a very larger chance to survive on earth”.

    2. That only one culture/race is on this ship. Maybe before the main culture went on Earh 9 they elected one race which in history has been able to adapt to its surroundings fast, so a nomadic culture/race and the other races were sent on smaller ships later after the main race told Earth 8 that earth 9 is successful.

    3. IDK (thats why I need help)
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    "Race" isn't a hard line. Unless you clone everyone so that they're identical, you're still going to have differences that people will react to with prejudice and preconceptions.

    Actually, if you do clone everyone so that they're identical, you'll probably have more conflict. Some will be fatter, some will be thinner, some will cut their hair differently, and that will all cause conflict.

    And religion, and all of the other countless things that people disagree about, don't come from race.
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    People will always find preconceived notions of how different and special they are. Race just makes it easier because it's color coded!
    Sincerely. Like the above mentioned, race will turn into hair color, it will turn into eyes, and lip shapes. It will become bone structure, or height. It's in our DNA, called tribalism, which unfortunately will most likely have somewhat of a hold on our species till it's end. It may not even Be a physical difference, But a mental one.

    Religion is not racial. Neither is culture. Look at African Americans, and Real Africans for instance, Or Asians from Japan compared to North Korea, Or Russians to Irish. Culture is completely different. Culture is fostered through Family lines, and their traditions, Nationality, and yes, Religion. Spiritual beliefs, and Physical ones. You'll always have people who break the norm. It's just people. People have an innate desire to make themselves unique, special and such. To help make their existence have meaning.

    However, many think that the world will become one race in the future. However, I believe this to be unlikely. (We've had different races for millions of years, since the conception of humanity. Doubt it will ever change honestly.) But you could go with that if you wanted. And if you wanted one big culture, it's not entirely impossible. If the Gov, sent one specific set of people with similar beliefs only(however even then, Children are not preordained to be like their parents.). But people born on this new planet will sooner or later make their own culture as well I'd imagine at least.

    However, their will always be conflict among people. Be it beliefs, Power, Love, Anything. Not everyone thinks Autonomously, we all are different. And differences lead to conflicts. Not saying yours can't work together and such, or can't have all one big culture. But overall, There will still conflict amongst them, especially if they come into contact with dangerous situations.
    Maybe I'm just rambling, It's really late for me. Sorry if I just said random bs. But my two cents are TLDR: People will always find ways to distinguish themselves from one another, and this will always, in time, cause discrimination, from those that want power over others. Race and Culture are completely different. Conflict among ourselves is inevitable, especially in stressful situations. However Authoritarian Governments(Which yours at least in your first post sounds like), could try to hamper all free speech and will, with threats and such, Not even with violence, but with smaller things, Like how China is doing with it's new social program I can't remember the name of. Where they can't access certain things, eat at certain places and such. This is really the only way to keep us all, the same, and even then it will lead to rebellion. I'd need to know more to give any more of an opinion.
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    Of course it's possible. You're only asking this because you've been told you need to feel bad for even considering such a simple (note that I said "simple" and not "racist") setup.

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