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    Just read all bi-weekly short story entries and voted

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by DueNorth, Oct 3, 2015.

    Just read all the "Run the Jewels" stories. They are fun and represent a lot of effort from forum members. Took me less than an hour to read them all. Encourage others to give them a read and VOTE.
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    Cave of Ice
    I try to make an effort to read and vote in the contests. Unfortunately, when I was more active a year ago, the contests would usually get a fairly low turnout. I'm greatly inspired by the amount of people who've voted in this one. For what it's worth, the very first thing I did when I came back, before even posting in the Train Station thread, was to vote in the last contest :)

    Yes, please do go and read the entries and vote for them. Forum members work very hard on them--the least we can do is to take time to read them and give a boost of confidence to those who we think have done a good job!

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