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    Just the middle

    Discussion in 'Short Stories' started by deadrats, May 27, 2021.

    So, I recently finished a new short story where I tried to write a story with no beginning and no ending. It's just the middle. I don't use backstory to frame and missing pieces. It's made very clear that this is just the middle of the story. This is intentional. A little avant grade. I wrote it with The Paris Review in mind if that gives you any more insight into the type of story I'm working on. I'm in the revision process for sure, but the story doesn't suck. I kind of like it and even the rewrites are fun on this one.

    I don't really think we need to debate if this can work because I think I've done it. Or maybe we do need to debate it because what have I done? Think about a short story with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Now, what if you just pulled out the middle? I've sort of done that. I would love to hear what others think of this wacky concept I've been playing with. Has anyone done anything similar? It can be a lot of fun to try new things with short stories.
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    I've done this before on a short story as well. But for mine, it needed an end or else it would go on forever.

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