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    Justice Finally Served

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by FoxyMomma, Nov 9, 2010.

    Two years ago last July, a family friend abused my boys. They were 7 and 4 at the time. My precious children were witness and victim to his sick fantasies. Truthfully, I wanted to take justice into my own hands and blow the MF'ers brains out. I'm not sure what influenced my decision NOT to procede with this form of justice. I was really really angry, I'm still angry. I feel a tremendous sense of guilt for putting them in that situation. Deep down, I know it's not my fault. There were no signs that my children would become his prey. If there had been, I never would have left them in his care.

    Two weeks ago, the pervert was dealt his punishment by the courts. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison, 5-20 years of parole and lifetime registration as a sex offender. Justice has been served, but I don't feel satisfied. I still want to blow his brains out. In fact, I made my husband sell his gun so I wouldn't be tempted to use it. My oldest son, now 10 has been diagnosed with PTSD and I suffer from depression. The mixture of our ailments could set off WW III. Some part of me still feels like my form of justice would have been the right path to choose, even if I ended up in prison instead of the creep.

    Life sure doesn't make sense to me.
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    Its stories like this make me wish I really did know a guy in Mexico who owes me a favor with no questions asked.

    Then let me attempt to put this idea to rest. As much as any of us wouldn't mind the idea of such a person 6 feet under. What on earth would happen to your children? It would be times like these that they would need their mom the most. You would have wronged them. You would have denied them a strong and loving mother, a type of mother that they would need just as they would need the air they breathe.

    2 years doesn't seem nearly enough. I'm just hoping he is clumsy with the soap everytime he has to shower. I would normally feel sorry for someone to suffer such a fate. But its not going to stop me from hoping the Universe's version of revenge is something along those lines...

    I was going to add something else, but it seemed a bit inappropriate. Something about him dying a slow and painful death instead of a clean kill.

    I am sorry this happened to your children and that the Justice system doesn't always feel like its enough. But he has been unmasked as a human and revealed to the world for what he is. A monster. Now the world will forever know what he is and not to be trusted.
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    unit... thanks for saving me all that typing and saying exactly what i would have...

    as a mother of 7 and grandmom of 19, i can understand your pain and your 'wish' fm... i'd be in the same state, i'm sure, if it had been done to any of mine...

    humans are indeed the most inhumane of species!

    love and healing hugs to you and your boys, maia
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    That pretty much sums it up for me, too. What a disgusting human being...I'm so sorry, not only that your children had to go through something like that, but also that the justice system doesn't seem to think he deserves a real punishment.

    Maybe karma will jump in and something horrible will happen to him...
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    That kind tends to die early in prison. Other inmates have no use for that kind of scum, either.

    I have mixed feelings about that. Violence doesn't solve violence, but I wouldn't weep if he never sees the outside of a prison again either.
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    I wouldn't weep either. I don't support capital punishment generally, but I would make an exception for someone who did terrible things to children.

    If I was ever on a jury where a parent was charged for taking their own revenge in such circumstances, I'd vote to acquit regardless of the proof that the person committed the prime.

    Sorry this happened to you and your kids FoxyMomma. People are sick.
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    I'm glad that the man is in prison, and even though it may not seem like a long enough sentence (I would agree), Cogito makes a good point... I'm sure the perpetrator will endure a lot of 'justice' from other inmates. Child molesters seem to be the lowest of the low in prisons and receive a lot of additional abuse for their crimes.

    I hope now that this man is locked away maybe you and your family can heal, and I'm glad that you dont have any weapons in the house anymore...

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