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    This is a sort of game that my Writer’s Craft teacher introduced the class to at the start of the year. I found it really fun, so I decided to share it with everyone with my own twist to it.

    What to do:

    1, - Using a previously existing character or one made from scratch ( must be your own! ) write a character bio that would appear on a match making site.
    It should look something like this:

    Name: -First and Last name -
    Physical characteristics: - this can include things such as; hair color, eye color, body shape, anything really. -
    Details: - here you can write anything that could describe you character in any way at all. Ex: his past, his goals for the future and his current past time. -
    Looking For: - if your character doesn’t care put in any, In this order: Gender: , Age: , Details: what your character wants the other character to be like -

    2, - Once you have posted your character bio look around for a character that you think would make your character happy ( It does not have to be a perfect match of what your character wants also it doesn’t matter if the character has been used more than once just choose one that would fit your characters interests. )

    3, - Once you have chosen the two characters write a series of letters, emails, phone conversations, meetings ( Anything that has some type of dialogue in it. ) back and forth between the characters. The conversations must start from being matched up by K-Harmony and end up some where different from where they started. Ex: the two characters after a series of emails end up meeting and they find out they cant stand each other. Once they are written post them for everyone to see.

    Have fun with this! You can take this seriously or you can make this really fun by making weird situation and bizarre characters, either way enjoy yourselves!

    Here is my character:

    Name: Ziggy Crystal
    Gender: Male
    Physical Characteristics: 5’7”, 175 pounds, green eyes, Dirty Blond Hair, Thick unkept beard.
    Age: 24
    Details: I love to sleep, I consider 8 hours a nap. When I am awake I work in my garage fixing cars for my business. I am extremely unmotivated and I tend to give up before I even start, but when it comes to cars I always work hard. I love to tinker with machines and I have been fixing them since I was a kid.
    Looking For: Gender: Female, Age: 18-30 Details: Someone who enjoys just relaxing, who does not mind lots of sleep. Someone who is able to cook something other than TV dinners and Kraft Dinner , because quite frankly I am sick of them! And someone who must enjoy facial hair.

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