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    Kind Of Like This

    Discussion in 'Publishing' started by stevesh, Feb 18, 2015.

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    I sort of feel the same way. Publishing is changing. Heck everything is changing. My closest city used to have 10 video stores. Give or take a few. It's now down to one. The internet is changing everything.

    Also, publishers aren't infallible - I read one horror story of a woman who got her book accepted by a publisher. They had high enough hopes for it that they sent the book around to authors like Nora Roberts to read it and offer a comment so that they could publish the recommendation on the cover. The woman had ideas for sequels. They were in talks. Then a freeze happened - some argument over artwork. The book wasn't published and while all this was going on the woman decided to read up on self publishing. She bought back the rights to her book and self published. It sold and she wrote and sold more books and is now making a nice living.

    I think the greatest thing about this was she learned she was publish worthy and ran with it.

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