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    Known Bugs

    Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by Daniel, May 27, 2016.

    Due to the recent issue with the missing forum category, a recent update to our forum software, and an upcoming change to our server's software/hardware, I'm creating this thread. This thread is meant to index any bugs so they don't go overlooked, especially bugs related to the above changes.

    Please continue to report bugs in the minor bug report thread.

    This thread is primarily for my use in knowing which bugs exist, but may also be used to see if a bug has already been reported.


    Blog tab on profile page does not populate with content
    [Solved] Missing sub-navigation bar on Member's Page/Profiles
    Article Tab/Sub-Nav missing on article homepage, but not article view
    Gallery Tab unselected/Sub-Nav missing on Gallery homepage
    Gallery link not available anywhere on forum home
    [Solved] Partial Transparent Drop-Down Menu for Workshop (and possible other sections)
    Only moderators can see the strike-through over banned members' names
    [Solved] Missing link at bottom of Usergroup FAQ
    [Solved] Broken display of homepage usergroup legend

    [Solved] Logo and menu are pushed downward at certain screen sizes, breaking the layout and blocking some functionality
    [Solved/Disabled] Resource Author Information Box Shows Visitors Information - fixed bug, but a new bug appeared, currently disabled
    [Solved] Footer Top of Thread link jumps to forum homepage top, not thread
    [Solved] Strikethrough Icon Duplicates when editing a post
    [Confirmed] Tab "Articles" at top of any page only links that function are Article List and Submit Article.
    [Confirmed] Broken Publishers sub-menu tab
    [Unknown Status] Article page does not display sub-navigation
    [Solved] Publisher sub-nav broken link on resource view


    [Could not repeat] Quoting incorrect author when replying
    Unable to Create New Blog Post
    Unable to Create New Thread (Usually related to links/images/smileys, but not always? Example 1; Example 2)
    New Members and Members cannot create resources

    Information Display
    Incorrect post numbers in thread (#3 listed twice)
    [Solved] Email notifications not being sent
    [Solved] Profile page shows gender twice
    [Unkown Status]Nothing happens when "Blog Entries" is clicked on someone's profile
    If you edit a status message in the sidebar widget, it gets removed from the timeline (still displayed in profile but not sidebar)
    Likes sometimes present confirmation "Are you sure you want to like this post
    Status updates seem to dissapear randomly: after posting, if you refresh the page it's gone

    Other Functionality
    Unable to make a PayPal contribution via Fundraiser
    [Unknown Status] Alerts & Email Notifications doesn't always show likes; when getting a thread response alert, it sometimes alerts on previously read posts earlier in threads, new posts don't always show up after refreshing a page
    [Unkown Status] PMs seem to be being triggered by spam filter or character strings
    [Unkown Status] Missing upload file button

    Non-Bug Issues

    [Not a Bug] Sidebar Visible on Publishing Sections
    [Not a Bug] Date/Time contrast too low
    [Not a Bug] Header banner image area turns to blue background at certain window sizes/Chrome 125% zoom
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