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    KOHIPEET's writing journal

    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by KOHIPEET, Feb 10, 2016.

    Greetings everyone!

    Even though I joined the forums recently I decided to try out making a journal anyway.
    Mind that this is my first journal so I don't really know what are the rules (what I should post?, what I shouldn't...etc).

    Anyway, let's get to business.
    My goal is to finish a short story till the end of March. The idea is that I want to write a short about the creation of mankind, to tell how I imagine the process of creating a race. The main protagonist is no other than God him/herself (haven't decided of sex yet, but I'm leaning towards a male.) The concept is to tell the story of a very much imperfect divine being facing pretty casual problems and conflicts and to show how the different feelings (hatred, love, sorrow) of God during the process of creation are inherited within human nature.

    Aside from the general idea, -which I think, springs from character- I have a really sketchy plot -with the ending being in the most developed- and another few characters. However I have a lot more things still in development. I have trouble finding a proper conflict (I'm thinking about mixing love in) and I also have trouble placing plot points and the actual wording itself. (Every book I read is written in English, but still...)

    Even though I've read quite a few short stories I still can't grasp a sort of blueprint on how to structure them and as non-native English speaker I find my sentences and phrases way too repetitive and simple. If any of you can give me advice on where to find help for the problems I've written above, it would be very much appreciated.

    Oh, and I thought the topic might be too sensitive or even offensive to some of the more religious users here, so be easy on me. This is all fiction, only existing to express my thoughts and ideas, not to preach false doctrines.

    Thanks for the feedback in advance and I do my best to write about every progress I make.

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