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    Legend of Heroes: Progress Journal

    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by Kyle Oram, Dec 30, 2015.

    A fantasy book I am working on that I would love to work on with more motivation.

    What I have completed:
    1. Chapter 1-3 planned
    2. Landmass, kingdoms created
    3. 4 characters developed
    4. One language created
    5. 11 races planned and 2 races have the lore finished behind them
    6. 25+ pages of lore completed

    What I want to complete:
    1. Chapters 4-8 planned
    2. Governments that rule
    3. Develop more characters
    4. Finish lore for 2 more races
    5. 20+ more pages of lore and jot notes
    6. A plot development timeline so I can plan out the bigger events of my book
    7. Possibly change the title
    8. Change the names of some things to make them more unique to my project

    I'm just gonna have this here so I can make sure I am completing my goals. If anyone wants to see my progress I will try my best to update on it as much as possible

    Log: Dec.30 2015

    Today I have written 500+ words on the development of my MC and I plan to write 1000 words everyday, no mater what. Whether it is about anything. I also want to plan out the government systems for each kingdom. I am thinking something like a parliament in some places and hierarchy in other places
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    Dec 8, 2015
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    Oo I'm interested! I love fantasy that goes way in-depth. I have a similar goal to make sure I write every day (though instead of 1000 words I aim for 500) and I've more or less kept on top of it (more like less, but I'm trying). Best of luck on your story!

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