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    Let’s do X but bad kitty (or doggy)

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by MissBadWolf, Jan 9, 2020.

    I was thinking of scenarios that someone wants to do something but a pet gets in the way.
    One scenario; a guy (or gal) wants to get into doing animation. He read that clean cat litter makes good source of sound effects. Everything was going great until his cat found the box for sound effects.

    Another scenario; a guy (or gal) sleeps in one Saturday to wake up to a surprise. Guilty party is the dog.

    Yet another scenario, an artist left art supplies out overnight to wake up to previously white cat being multicolored.

    One last scenario; a guy (or gal) is on an important call but his dog would not stop barking at the squirrels outside the window.

    Basically, human trying to do something but pet gets in the way.
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    I placed the cleaning tools on the kitchen sink ready to clean out my fish bowl but when I turned around to grab my fish bowl from the dining table to my horror my cat's right paw was holding down Mr. Wiggles still corpse. By the time I'd thrown off my headphones and stepped forward yelling, "Sammy no!" to rescue my dead fish, she was already on the floor running at full cat speed with Mr. Wiggles between her teeth.
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    Man tries to chase wife/children/burglar down the stairs. Pet gets in the way. Man falls down stairs, breaks neck.

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