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    May 30, 2015
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    Let's do this thing!

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Lynx_Daniels, May 30, 2015.

    Hi guys! I'm another new member, really thrilled to be a part of this. Because as we all know, life is writing and writing is life. But anyways. I'm pretty much the longest-winded person you'll ever meet, but the goal is to keep this as succinct as possible. Basically, I joined this community because I'm ready to take a huge risk that I've been wanting to take for a while. It goes like this: I'm a novelist. Or an aspiring novelist, but you get the picture. I've written tons of manuscripts by myself, and I've co-authored a lot of them with my sister, too. She and I are twins. We write together all the time. But...well, that's not really happening anymore, at least not for now. However, that doesn't mean I'm giving up on the whole co-authoring thing. Actually, I'm really searching out someone to co-author a novel with me this summer. Preferably, this person would be a guy, only because I tend to write male characters a lot less believably than I write female characters and, well, that needs to change. So if anyone here wants to get in on this, I'd love to hear from you! I mean, yeah, sure, I know this might be a little bit risky. Plenty of us here are...unique. And unique people may clash. Clash and burn. But, I still wanna try this! So, who's with me? Message me if you're interested at all, I'd totally be interested in what you have to say! So thanks in advance!
    And if you read all that, wow. Your attention span astounds me.
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    You're definitely all over the place, but that's cool with me. I think you're enthusiastic about writing, and this is definitely a solid forum with some intelligent people who critique, edit, collaborate, etc. Be patient and be active for a bit before getting anyone to jump into the fire for you. I'm sure someone will come around. We don't even know what genre you write.

    Anyway, welcome to the forum! I'm also a new on here.
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    Puerto Rico
    Lynx_Daniels! :superhello: Come and join me in Puerto Rico! [​IMG] My people are notoriously longwinded and you'll fit right in! :superwink:

    Seriously, though, the following is a very real possibility 'round these parts:

    Me ~ "And what was your date of birth again?"

    Fellow Puerto Rican ~ "Well, you see, to answer that you need to know that there was this guy named Columbus, and well, to understand that part I need to back up a little...."
    Here's the New Member Quick Start, Good info to get you on your way, best foot forward. :supercool:


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