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    Critique Exchange LF Beta (swap) Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Thriller

    Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by CGB, Oct 2, 2016.

    Looking for good, reliable critique partner to trade chapters. My story is science fiction/science fantasy/science thriller (don't know which best describes it). I can critique a lot of genres, but preference is fantasy (any kind) or sci-fi (pretty much any kind), steampunk, cyberpunk, mystery/thrillers etc.

    Preference is not to be doing major grammar editing (do not have time for line-for-line correction of spelling, punctuation, or major structural issues, etc.). Trying only to focus on plot, characters, pacing, style, mechanics, description, etc. In turn, I will not ask you to read my rough, completely unedited, un-spellchecked drafts.

    Available: Open to swaps. - My novel is military science fiction/fantasy cross-genre
    Preference: Any genre of Science Fiction or Fantasy or Medical Thriller/Medical Mystery
    Experience: Critiqued on the major sites (CritiqueCircle, Scribophile, OWW)
    Style: I focus on character development and deeper plot issues. I am relatively weaker on dialogue and writing active setting/description in general. I also am a 4th year M.D. student (currently applying for residency) who can help critique any medical plotlines.
    Turnaround: Within 3-4 days.

    Contact via PM - willing to trade sample chapters to see if we would be a good fit.

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