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    Long Time Idea Jotter

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by JohnHern, Jul 8, 2018.

    Hey folks,

    Long time idea jotter here, whom has yet to finish even one story. I am now 36 with a full time job and full time family and over 200 story ideas on some note pad (kept from the 90's and early 2000's) or digitally in penzu or some other place.

    I decided to join a writing forum to gather an inkling of motivation to actually attempt real writing.

    Technically, I have written articles that were published here and there over the long years. I also have completed short stories but they were for one class or another from high school throughout college.

    Yet my real ideas still sit somewhere untouched and life has taken over all of my time except for a few breathers when everyone else is asleep.

    Hopefully magic will happen at some point and I will do something with these ideas or others. I will see what kind of plan others have used to slide off their mental butt and make things happen.

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    Hi JohnHern

    I think in about one or two weeks you’ll be able to post some of your ideas out in the workshop where you can get some critiques and reactions. Sometimes critiquers can be harsh but not all the time so be aware of that before you post out any material you’re attached to. If you can take it, though, it might be a start to great things and you might also find it helpful.

    They also host flash, poetry and short-story contests that you can participate in and maybe even win a medal. If not, you can just read around and critique the things other writers post as well. It can be a useful and enjoyable place so maybe you’ll like the workshop.

    See you round :)

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