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    Looking for Recommendation - Psychological Thriller Dealing With Being a Streamer/Internet Personali

    Discussion in 'Discussion of Published Works' started by isaac223, Jan 7, 2020.

    Our psychology course is promoting literacy by asking students to grab a psychological thriller to "read just to read" -- with an assignment that'll force students to read just to get through the assignment. Irony of the situation aside, I'm already a healthy reader but my passions lie elsewhere than psychological fiction.

    My life deals heavily in internet culture. I spend nearly all of my time working (on the computer), and when I'm not working I'm consuming internet media and content. Naturally, I have a soft spot for fiction that instills horror and chills into this cyberspace I've grown so comfortable with. It's prevalent in Japanese fiction, but on our side of the pond I can't find much.

    Are there any psychological books that feature a streamer, internet celebrity or other web-based content creator as a protagonist?
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    Well.... I remember a book. It was along the lines of 'an exceptionally remarkable thing', Internet streamer. First came to true fame by finding a strange sculpture on the street that turns out to be of alien origin.

    The main character is a web streamer. Has a blog and some shit.
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    There was this film with Sasha Grey on it, not sure if it was based on a book, but it has a few of those elements. Her saviour was this guy from Lord of the Rings, I keep forgetting his name...

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