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    Romance Looking for some romance novels

    Discussion in 'By the Genre' started by morsonblake, Jul 15, 2014.

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this community.

    I want to write a romance about a male protagonist who is a sensitive type. A "beta male" if you will. Call him Person X.

    Person X is best friends with Person Y, who is a beta female and also a sensitive type. Person Y wants to be with Person X, but he rejects her for superficial reasons which makes her hate him.

    Person X wants to be with Person Z, who is an alpha female type. Good looking, smart, etc.. Person Z is not attracted to Person X because he's a sensitive wuss and not a "big protector" type.

    Person X also becomes less sensitive and less of a wuss and more of a man along the way, which attracts Person Z to him and they get together.

    However, during a pivotal moment, Person X realizes Person Z isn't that good and that Person Y was the one for him all along and he ditches Person Z and redeems himself in the eyes of Person Y so they can get together at the end.

    I was wondering if any of you would be kind enough to give me some novel titles that follow this kind of narrative structure in romance as I would like to study them and learn how to write novels of this type. Preferably novels with a male protagonist as I struggle writing for females. Thanks very much.

    TLDR: If you find it too confusing...beta female wants beta male but beta male rejects her for superficial reasons. Beta male wants alpha female but she rejects him for superficial reasons. Beta male becomes alpha male which attracts alpha female. Beta male realizes beta female was the one all along and leaves alpha female. Beta male redeems himself in eyes of beta female and they get together.
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    I don't think a romance between two betas or two alphas would really work. Two alphas would always be struggling for control. Two betas would always be looking to relinquish control. In fiction particular, one has to an alpha, and one has to be a beta.

    That's why I was so horrified when J.K. Rowling said she wished Hermine and Harry had gotten together. That never would have worked. She and Harry are both alphas. They'd always be fighting. Ron was a much better choice for her. He's a beta.
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    Keep the following points in mind that will help you to write a romantic novel. Before writing you also have to decide you will want to sell your book online or send it to a publisher. Think up characters, especially the two main characters, Pick their ages, Think of events that really make your story a romance.
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    You said your beta male becomes an alpha male, so you're not writing a story about two betas falling for each other. Your beta female saw/recognized something in him, some hidden alpha quality, and that might be what attracted her.

    No character is completely alpha or beta. It's the degrees of those qualities that allow readers to classify them in one camp or the other.

    Write your story. Keep an eye out for the title based on what happens or is said in the story, something that directly relates to something in your story. Try to make it both catchy and relevant.

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