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    Looking for writers of 3rd person objective POV

    Discussion in 'Point of View, and Voice' started by Chuck_Lowcountry, Dec 11, 2020.

    I'm curious what attracted you to writing in 3rd person objective.
    1. Why did you choose it?
    2. What do you find most challenging about this POV?
    3. Do you use it often or for only some of your works?
    4. Have you been influenced by television and movies more so than other writers?
    I have no concrete explanation for why I chose this POV for my first novel. But I did. I'm nearly 100 pages into my second draft and I have not found and "POV Leaks", you know, slipping into omniscient and back. :)

    BTW, I only learned of the name of this POV about halfway through my WIP. I also learned that Ernest Hemingway used this style frequently.

    I have three explanations why I picked it as my preferred POV.
    1. I do not enjoy human drama. I avoid it when I can. At work and home over the decades, I like you, have had to deal with it. Third-person objective is nice because I don't need to describe what a person is thinking or feeling. I can quietly observe and stay outside of all this human conflict.
    2. When my wife and I are out and about, I like to watch and listen to people, inferring what they are thinking, sort of a game.
    3. I grew up on lots of TV and movies. When I should have been reading, I was watching the boob tube (unrelated to clothing).
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    Way, way out there
    I was using it for a story a while back, but I did it unintentionally. And yeah, I think it was largely because I was thinking in terms of a movie rather than a written story. Once I learned a few things about POV and realized what I was doing I reworked it to get more inside the MC's thoughts and feelings.
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    My story isn't narrowed down on one character in specific; writing multiple first person accounts would have felt awkward. Thus the 3rd person.

    As for Objective over Omniscient; my plot and narrative features a lot of scheming, plotting and intrigue. I've multiple characters that are compulsive liars, as well as characters that are brick walls with regards to their thoughts & their motives. I found an objective POV that is just as fooled, confused or tricked by these characters as the world itself will do; I did not want to have an unreliable narrator.

    Arranging the above to feel believable. It took me (and still takes me) a lot of real life observation about people behaviour. Instead of writing "She smiled, though deep inside her hatred boiled over" I have to make do with how the latter manifests. And I'll end up with a smiling person who, despite their joyful appearance, tries to disengage and depart from a conversation as soon as possible.

    Only for my big novel project. For my short stories I tend to go Omniscient or first person. Depends on the content.

    Neither; but I've been influenced by stage drama. Precisely by actors who could portray characters and feeling you cannot decipher; the air of mystery that's around someone you meet recently. The closest I can quote from movie/television is this famous scene from American Psycho. It'd be ruined if you knew the detective's thoughts.

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