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    Losing sovereignty

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by DeathandGrim, Sep 29, 2015.

    I have plans for a space epic and the conclusion to it involves a planet blowing up. The planet was a planet that was taken from the indigenous race and eventually renamed Terrian, a human dictatorship/military planet. It was the home base of the Terrian world government and Terrians spread their militaristic influence to other planets by becoming an ally. However when the planet blew up and after a ruling in the intergalactic relations court Terrians were stripped of their sovereignty due to multiple crimes and no longer having a central base of its leadership outside of Terrian embassies on other planets. Leaving Terrian natives without a technical planet of origin and leaving former Terrian military to be treated as rogue militia or at worst a violent gang.

    Is this somewhat realistic? Has something like this happened before somewhere?
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    It's sci-fi, right? So, it has the right to sound a little out of this world. :) It would totally work if it were in smaller scaled situations, so why not a intergalactic one? I'd believe it, as long as it was well-written and wasn't too cliche.
    I'm not sure of specific examples of things like this happening before, but it probably has some parallels with other sci-fi works. If you're worried about plagiarism and originality, I'd recommend searching for the most popular and/or influential sci-fi works and reading a basic summary of their plot lines. See where there are parallels between your story and the other. If most of the parallels align with the same story over and over again, change somethings, but if the parallels are scattered and infrequent, I think you're fine.

    Hope this helps :)
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    It's happened to every human empire which loses its capital/leadership. A recent example, Afghanistan.
    The first government of the 1990s, lost the capital to the Taliban. World leaders hailed the Tailban as rightful rulers of Afghanistan, and the previous government became the hated drug dealing Northern Alliance.
    Then the Taliban was booted. The Northern Alliance became the new government, and the Taliban became the outlaws.
    Another example is Kurdistan. Without a capital, the Kurds are considered little more than terrorists under the UN.
    Then you have groups of people like the Gypsies.

    So, there's plenty of similar scenarios on our own planet.

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