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    Lost? ~ Hsnodgrass ~ 85th Poetry Contest Winner

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Torana, Jun 15, 2009.

    Getting Lost
    85th Poetry Contest Winner
    Hsnodgrass - Lost?

    Where the machinery and motivational advertisements meet,
    By the street, next to a sign on the sidewalk, a drunk does preach,
    His breath reeks of desperation, a destitute, institutionalized patient,
    Who escaped the medication for self-deprecating alleviation,
    From problems his degrading mental state creates.

    I wander by wondering if my spare change will help,
    Or if my charity will further his thirst for compounding the problem,
    Ten cents dropped in a cup in exchange for his two,
    On matters of life, love, salvation, spirituality, and divine truth,
    I walk away into a fading day looking for a recognizable street name.

    I can't shake the image from my mind of the man on the corner,
    With his quest, a life purpose, played out to passing guests,
    He will probably get ran off into oblivion soon,
    By a police officer tired of the complaints from pedestrians,
    While I find my way back to my parent's house for a warm dinner.

    I wonder if he has a place to stay or just roughs it,
    I wonder if a shelter lets him bathe and take a s***,
    I wonder if he knows the city or if he appreciates the pity,
    Given to him by the passers-by who think he is an eyesore,
    I wonder if he has lost his way or if preaching on a corner is what his God made him for.

    Well done to all members who entered into last weeks poetry contest. You all have wonderful entries and I thouroughly enjoyed the read.

    I hope you all enter in this weeks poetry contest:
    Theme: Foam
    Theme supplied by: Gannon

    Poetry Contest 86 - Foam

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    Jun 15, 2009
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    FL, OH, NY
    I wanted to say that I usually don't read modern poetry- because I feel that it can be a bit overwhelming the stuff that gets thrown around out there. but i was truly touched by your poem. I lived in a city where it actually was voted one of the meanest to the homeless and mentally ill by a national newspaper- and the picture of desperation that you painted brought me right back to some of my own staggering images. great job.
  3. JenniferEva

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    Jan 5, 2007
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    Very nice poem, well deserved win
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