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    lternative Hiatory

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by rick_danger, Jun 18, 2013.

    Alternative History

    I want write a story where President John F. Kennedy survived 11-62-22 .I don't wanna sell it but write it on a forum
    want to make it feellike, it as it is real history not a work of fiction I been working on this for two year s and already have the 2016 election covered.How can I make it look real?as in actual history?
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    May 4, 2013
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    As soon as the events change, history changes. If a society lives under a different set of events, it will be different, even subtly. Some things may be wildly different. It seems like you have the timeline all set.

    SO...in your world, you have characters who have been impacted, in some way, by these changes. But for them, they wouldn't be cognizant of this as a change. It is just, history. History is there, lurking in the background, and impacting everything we do in life...and yet not always discussed. As an author, you have to find a way to weave a story that shows that history, but also make sure it is just the history of that world. It wouldn't seem outlandish or weird to people that Kennedy had lived, it just was. The differences in history wouldn't be differences, they'd just be history. The story is now, and that's what will be told. Hopefully the differences will matter a lot.

    Of course, THAT even was a watershed moment for a generation, so changing it will mean a quite different kind of history.

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