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    Mad Libs

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by peachalulu, Feb 10, 2014.


    Here's a great site for Mad Libs - if anyone wants a laugh - it's totally fun. Here's a sample of one I did on the perfect 'Dream Man'

    My "Dream Man" should, first of all be very Sinewy and Sparkly. He should have a physique like Richard Burton, a profile like Jude Law, and the intelligence of a/an Panther. He must be polite and must always remember to Strike my Corvette, to tip his Sneakers and to take my Bottom when crossing the street. He should move Eagerly, have a/an Smoky voice, and should always dress Quickly . I would also like him to be a/an Emerald dancer, and when we are alone he should whisper Hot nothings into my Baby Toe and hold my Satiny Shopping Mall. I know a/an Jet Ski is hard to find. In fact the only one I can think of is Hector

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