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    Making it through Limbo

    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by AdDIct, Mar 23, 2016.

    I've decided to start one of these "Progress Journals" so here goes. I realized earlier today that most of my statuses are in fact more like little progress blurbs. So why not just put them all here instead of spamming my wall with inane updates.

    I'm currently writing the first scene of Chapter 2. Is Chapter 1 completed? No. No it is not. Alas this is what happens when I realize things need to be reordered. As such Chapter 2 now has more progress than Chapter 1, but I fear this Chapter 2 may become Chapter 2 and 3. The first scene in Chapter 2 (which I have been trying to complete for the past few days with marginal success ie see procrastination) has just breached 2k words in a chapter that already has close to 2k words. That's... a 4k word chapter, which I'm personally okay with. The only problem is that the scene STILL isn't done and that the 2k words already written only one of the scenes is completed. If I have to go through the seemingly never ending continuation scenes in this chapter well. We may have 5 done before anything really happens. Here's to hoping the other couple of scenes can be wrapped up quickly and succinctly.

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