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    Mankind in a negative light to be my antagonist in Christmas Story of a reclusive Santa Claus return

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Bobby Burrows, Nov 1, 2018.

    So, what do I mention, what do I leave out?

    My plan is to; make mankind the antagonist from hundreds of years ago to today.
    I want to cite real life examples of mankind being 'naughty' to each other hundreds of years ago and in our present day.

    I'm thinking, something so bad, to force Santa Claus to go on strike hundreds of years ago, and reasons why Santa Claus would still be displeased with humanity.

    So; wars, slavery, all of it.

    I want to be deep and ease into the depth...

    So start of with a silly example of two opposing politicians having a debate, arguing, not working together, not 'being nice', and then throw in all that war human trafficking modern day horrors I aim to draw attention to.


    What can I touch, what can't I?

    I want Santa Claus to judge us still being naughty for;
    War in Syria/all forms of modern war fare?
    The World Wars

    And I want Colonialism and The Slave Trade being reasons why my Santa Claus went on strike.
    How might I write in, what should I write in?
    What examples would be used best to hold humanity up in a less than perfect light?

    I also want to make this family friendly.
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    If you want a judgemental santa, you can use Krampus from Germany, who's the punisher of bad children. It's however difficult to get adults involved with santa, since they aren't supposed to see him in the stories. Christmas is kind of the time for greed, so santa would have double standards judging for it. I'd also assume that santa is wise enough to understand what causes conflicts.

    I'd stick close to traditional concepts without adults or replace santa with an alien lifeform, because some people are against rewriting the classic stories. A Swedish public service channel was threatened by lots of people, for wanting to change the programs being shown after donald duck on christmas. :twisted:
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    Oct 2, 2018
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    It's a family story, for everybody, so, I don't want to get too political, and I don't want to waste this platform on not saying nothing.
    I want to morality story this for the family and reflect on the slave trade and modern atrocities;
    So I could make it a line of dialoqgue
    "You're very naughty!"
    and have him looking angry.
    And his whole nature will be one track minded, and humanity won't believe him but are willing to hear him out since tests prove he's something they've never seen before.
    He was arrested and booked and ICE and nobody couldn't figure what to do and a routine blood test of this crazy man came back magicial and had to be confirmed in Princeton, so now he's been given a trial to defend his trespassing of this family in need of his help in Long Island as he was on his way to The United Nations in New York City to announce his strike was over because it didn't work and we're still too naughty to get presents, so this is Santa's plan B...
    Tell us all why we're naughty...

    Because he miscalculated humanity and now instead of being nice to each other, we don't believe he is real anymore.
    Santa with a message effected by genocide and slavery and human trafficking and even political debate (lol, I wanna write that political debate offense to Santa in for my own amusement as a form of comic relief from the issues I want to preach about).
    He could even tell a back story of him being why cats and dogs get on...
    Citing how we are able to have one of each because of him, and write in a quick back story of him bringing house cats and dogs together, IDK, since it's so serious but I want it enjoyed by all the family, lots of comic relief like cats and dogs and our politicians etc.
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