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    Manufactured Fate

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    Manufactured Fate.
    A Family of three stand by the doorway of the front door of their house. The young boy stands with tears streaming down his face. He is young only about 3 or 4 but he still understands what his happening. His father, dressed in a high class military uniform is hugging his wife, the boy’s mother They exchange words which the young boy can not quite here. The soldier then kneels down in front of the young boy and rests his hand on the boys shoulder. 'Son, I have to go away again... be a good boy, do your chores and look after your mother', he wiped the tears from his sons face.
    Holding back tears himself he slid a ring from his hand and handed it to his distraught son. 'I want you to look after this... until I get back'. He placed it in his sons hand and folded his small fingers over it. The boy opened his hand and focused on the small skull protruding from the ring...he quickly turned his attention back to his father. ‘Fate will have all three of us together again’ he said to his beloved wife and son. He then smiled to his wife, patted his son on his head and left, Never to be seen by his family again.

    A young man in his early twenties emerges from a pile of blankets which only just still resembles a bed. He quickly glances at his radio alarm clock which reads 9:01 am, shakes his head and mumbles 'useless' while he swipes the alarm clock off his bedside table sending it crashing to the floor. The young dishevelled man then quickly gets up and walks over to mirror on the door of his wardrobe. He quickly tries to flatten his dark wavy brown hair down to make it tidy, opens the wardrobe door pulls out the only suit in the wardrobe and hastily gets dressed. He notices his phone flashing and vibrating on the floor, he picks it up.

    ‘Where are you? You’re late again’ whispered a soft female voice.

    ‘I know I know, cover for me… say car troubles or something’ he replied in a raspy voice.

    ‘Fine but this is the last time Owen and I mean it this time’ the girl whispered.

    Owen sighed. ‘Thank you Megan’. He slowly placed the phone into his pocket and then realised he was wasting time. He quickly advanced to the door and then ran to his car. Owen turned the ignition hoping it would start, the car rumbled for a few seconds and then the 8 cylinder engine roared to life. It was an old 1974 Holden Kingswood sedan, the yellow paint had faded, and the car was a bit beaten up, but Owen had inherited from his Grandfather and he loved it to death.

    As Owen was driving he was mulling over what excuse he would use when he eventually made it to work. He slowed as he approached a red light at a large intersection, hitting the steering wheel with frustration. He sighed with relief when he noticed it had changed to a green light. As he accelerated through the intersection a large black four wheel drive went straight through a red light without hesitation heavily colliding with Owen's car on the passenger side. The old yellow Holden was spent spinning into a tree on the median strip.

    2 weeks later.

    Owen was resting on a bench seat outside the hospital in which he had just spent the previous two weeks. Deep in thought he looked quite relaxed with his feet resting upon his suitcase. A small white hatchback pulled up into the curb directly in front of Owen. A young woman jumped out of the driver’s seat and beckoned towards Owen.

    'Do you need a hand with your bag?’

    Owen Glanced up at her as she walked over towards him. She was quite an attractive young woman of similar age to Owen, her shoulder length brown hair was waving in the wind. She had fine, delicate features and he had always been attracted to her; but today she looked more beautiful than ever.

    Owen then quickly replied 'ill think ill be right', he smiled at her'. Thanks for doing this Megan’.

    ‘Don't worry. You would do the same for me' replied Megan. She knew that Owen had no-one else, Owen had grown up with his grandfather but he had disappeared some years ago (and was now legally declared dead) leaving him all alone, a sad story Megan thought to herself, slightly frowning.

    They both entered the car; Owen winced in pain as he had to bend over to get into the vehicle. Megan turned to look at him. He noticed the worry in her intelligent blue eyes.

    ‘Don’t worry ill be fine!’ he exclaimed.

    Megan nodded unconvincedly and started the car, breaking the silence. They had known each other for a quite a while, they had meet in university. Owen had arrived late for his first day, Megan had stared at him as he had walked over to the only vacant desk which was next to her, thinking to herself that he had some sort aura about him but unable to put her finger on it. When he had glanced over to her and smiled. She could still remember it vividly. Megan shook he head and re-focused on the road. Owen just sat there pleased to be rid of the place he had come to despise. They continued driving; there was silence for some time.

    ‘Any news on the guy that hit you?’

    Owen paused for a moment. ‘No supposably he ditched his car and ran. 'The bastard has written off my Kingswood... hold on Megan, Pull over!’

    Alarmed, Megan quickly pulled over to the side of the road and then sighed when she turned her left to see a Dark blue sedan on the nature strip with a for sale sign next to it.

    They both jumped out of the car to survey the vehicle. ‘Not bad... 4 grand for this’ Owen said excitingly. ‘It doesn't have any character like my Kingswood but it will do the job until I can work something out’.

    Megan shook her head 'work something out? Your old car is written off its not coming back. It was a death trap anyway!'

    'We'll see' Owen quickly replied.

    Megan turned back towards the car 'Come on lets go, I have to fill you in on what you've missed out on at work’ while grabbing Owen by the shoulder.

    'Ill just quickly grab the number for the car, then you can tell me what wonderful things have happened at work' Owen muttered while rolling his eyes.

    'Hey! It’s important the firm has taken on a massive new case'.

    'We're only interns Megan' Owen responded jokingly.

    She stared at Owen bleakly. ‘Just get in the car before I send you back to hospital’ she said laughing at the same time.

    Owen’s house was a small run down weatherboard house on a suburban block it had no garden or shrubbery it looked as if someone had just dumped the house on a vacant block. He was currently out the front if his house. 'Screw this' he groaned as he reached for the hammer resting on the passenger seat of the car. He then began bashing a small metal frame into the dash of the car, the metal frame slowly but surely sliding in. Pleased with himself he was about to give it one final tap to make sure, but he was interrupted.

    'What the hell are you doing? This is your new car!’

    Owen was startled and quickly turned around, he had not notice Megan arriving. 'I'm putting a new CD player in the car; strangely it didn't come with one' he replied.

    'Did the instruction manual say assault it with a hammer?' laughed Megan.

    'Hey! it worked' Owen exclaimed as he gave the metal frame its one final tap, as he did he noticed a small object about the size of credit card fall from within the dashboard and landed on top of the metal frame. He slid it out and studied it. It was grey in colour, plastic and about 5mm thick and had "5055” in one of the corners.

    Megan broke his train of thought. 'So how did you pick your car up'?

    Owen discarded the plastic card to the passenger seat and got out of the car and focused his gaze toward Megan. 'Ah the owner offered to drop it off, if I then dropped him back at his house. He was very keen to sell, but he didn't seem too know much about the car'. Megan shrugged and walked back to her car, reached through the open window and grabbed a manila folder from the passenger seat of her car.

    'Seeing as you are coming back to work tomorrow, I thought I would give you this... it’s just a summary of what you have missed' gesturing the folder in the direction of Owen.

    ‘Oh come one, how could you miss that!’ Owen screamed at the television. He stood up shaking his head and walked towards the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and again shook his head but this time at the bareness of the refrigerator. Suddenly he saw something out of the corner of his eye outside the kitchen window which faced directly to the road and therefore the front of his house. He quickly turned to face the window, and noticed a dark figure just beginning to walk up the driveway to his house. The figure was walking towards Owen’s car. Owen had a bad feeling about what was happening. He paced quickly to his bedroom and grabbed the cricket bat which he kept at the head of his bed and a torch from his bedside table. Owen then quickly moved to the front door, looking out the window at the same time. The figure was now at his car, but he could not make out what it was doing. Owen opened the door and yelled ‘get away from my car!’ ‘Get the hell of my property!’ The figure which Owen could now make out to be a man wearing what looked like a suit looked glanced at Owen and then bolted into the darkness. Owen pulled the torch from his pocket and walked to his car, he examined his car using the torch. Everything seemed to be in order. Scratching his head he walked back to his front door and into the house, placing the cricket bat next to the door.

    Bang, bang, bang. Owen violently jumped out of bed and bolted to the front door and grabbed the cricket bat which still lay resting there. As he opened the door he heard the noise of glass shattering. He saw that the man had returned, he was reaching through broken drivers side window about to open the door when Owen screamed at him. ‘Back off!’ The man again turned and sprinted into the darkness. Owen walked over to his car and stood perfectly still next to the driver’s door. He could just make out the sound of a car door closing, and a car being started. Owen opened the car door and used the cricket bat to wipe any major pieces of glass left on the seat and then grabbed a floor mat from the back seat to cover the seat. He then quickly jumped in the car glancing at the plastic card still lying on the passenger’s seat; he closed the car door and placed the cricket bat on the passenger’s seat. Seconds later a car slowly drove past. Owen started his car, leaving the lights off he slowly reverses out of the driveway and begun to follow the car, hoping that it ix the right one. He follows the car with the lights off until he reaches the main road and is able to blend in. While following the car Owen thinks to himself what he is actually going to do if he confronts the two men, he considers turning back but again glances at the plastic card lying on the passengers seat and decides that he will continue on.
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    Owen followed the car for over an hour and is now in industrial area on other side of the city he is forced to keep a large distance between himself and the car. ‘What the hell am I doing’ he mutters to himself. Suddenly the car pulls over outside a typical factory. Owen quickly pulls his car over at a safe distance and turns the lights off. The Man gets out of the car and walks over to what appears to be a solid concrete wall. The concrete wall abruptly parts in the middle leaving a doorway for the man, he enters and the doorway disappears back into the concrete wall. Owen reaches to the passenger seat and grabs the cricket bat but then releases it and grabs the plastic card instead. He cautiously walks over to the factory. Unexpectedly he hears a robotic sounding voice coming from the concrete wall. ‘Identification card verified. Retina Scan failed’. The concrete wall shudders and begins to divide revealing the man in the suit standing there with an automatic handgun aimed directly at Owen. The man sniggers and grabs Owen dragging him into the building. Owen gasps when he receives his first look inside of the Factory. It no longer resembled a factory at all. There were people everywhere and it was filled to the brim the high tech equipment. There were large screens on the walls which had everything from maps to pictures of people, many people at desks working on computers and other equipment which Owen could not recognise. That was only one area of the building. It seemed to go on forever. The man took a sharp right turn and pushed Owen into the doorway of a small dark room. The door slammed shut behind him. The room had no windows, just a large mirror which Owen guessed people we were watching him from; he walked over to hitting the mirror with his fists. He screamed into the mirror ‘You can’t do this! I’ve done nothing wrong’. Nobody was listening.

    Some hours later Owen was dragged into what looked like an interrogation room. There were two men sitting behind a table with a folder filled with documents in front of them and one seat opposite them on the other side of the table. Owen was forced to sit in this seat he looked up at the two men.
    ‘What are you? ASIO? ASIS?’ The two men looked at each other and laughed.

    The older of the men, who looked like he was in his early sixties put his hand to his head and scratched what little hair he had left.

    ‘When you give yourself and acronym like ASIO, ASIS or even CIA… your secret agency doesn’t seem to stay secret for long’.

    The younger man laughed attempting to hide it. Owen panicked and quickly pulled the plastic card from his pocket and placed it on the table.

    ‘Well it’s this you want isn’t it?’ Again both men erupted into laughter.

    ‘How naïve, do you really think one of our people would let you follow them here. How do you think our agency is one of the few which is actually still secret?’

    There was silence as Owen went through everything that had happened in his head, attempting to work out what it all meant.

    The older man again spoke. ‘We wanted you’. He then turned to other man. ‘Who knew it would work this well? I just wanted to kidnap him’.

    The younger man shrugged. He looked to be in his late 20’s and had long blonde hair flowing over his face. He wore dark glasses covering his eyes and a short brown beard. His whole face seemed to be covered; he then spoke for the first time ‘I guess you can call it fate, manufactured fate’.

    Owen leaned back in his chair, puzzled with what was going on. 'What could you possibly want with me?'.

    'Well it's not that we want you, we think we might need you to find your Grandfather' replied the older man. He seemed that he was the superior of the two men.
    Shocked, Owen glared at the man. 'What would you want with him?’
    'Anyway it doesn't matter he's dead...’

    'That's what we thought' said the older man at the same time opening the folder and grabbing a photo from within it. His eyes darted to it and then slid it over to Owen.

    He studied the photo, recognising the scene. It was a picture taken from the opening of the Sydney harbour bridge. It was the exact moment when the rogue horsemen cut the ceremonial tape, depriving the Premier the chance to do so. Owen quickly picked up the photo up from the table and brought it to eye level shocked and what he could see. It was his Grandfather complete in period style clothing, but it was definitely him. He was in his 70’s although he did not look anywhere near his age, he had a full head of grey short hair, and in the picture he had short brown beard with a greyish tinge, he was of average height and blended quite well in to the crowd in the picture.

    Owen calmed down and placed the photo back down on the table and began laughing. ‘Ok what sort of sick joke is this?’

    The two men exchanged looks.

    ‘What you expect me to believe in time travel or something now?’ demanded Owen.

    The older man was again the first to talk. ‘How do you think we set up your so called accident? We knew the precise time you would come through the intersection. How do you think we would make sure you bought the car? And find the card within it? We knew exactly what you were going to do.’

    ‘And its all thanks to your Grandfather added the younger man’.

    Owen did not know what to do or say instead he just sat in silence.

    The older man turned to his companion. ‘Fill him in’.

    The younger man sighed. ‘Ok…. Well basically we are a joint American-Australian initiative set up during the height of the cold war in the 1980’s, aimed at alternative methods… I guess you could call it that... Your grandfather worked for us as a scientist for over 20 years. Seven years ago your grandfather disappeared. Seeing as he had been such a loyal employee, like you and your family we thought he was dead… until now. And now that he is alive we need to speak to him’.

    The older man turned to his partner and gave him a nod of approval. He was impressed after all it was his young apprentice’s first day.

    'This still doesn’t make any sense… what do you want with me? Why would you set up the accident and everything else? Why not just force me to come here? Owen rubbed his hand against his forehead in disbelief.

    The younger man continued talking. ‘We thought this was best option. The Car accident gave us the chance to search your car’ Owen glanced up at him. ‘We know you got it from the grandfather he continued. It also gave us the opportunity to confirm your identify using blood samples and we also thought there might be a slim chance your grandfather might reappear if he learnt of your accident… wherever he is’.

    The man stopped to catch his breath and glanced at his companion to his left. The older man rolled his eyes.

    ‘Ok ill continue then McCarthy’. His admiration for him quickly faded.

    This was the first time one of their names had been mentioned, Owen took note of it. The Older man then continued where McCarthy left off.

    ‘The car you bought had already been fitted with tracking devices and covert cameras. As you can gather finding your grandfather is quite important to our organisation’. Owen was about to talk but the older man put his hand up gesturing to Owen to be quiet and then continued to talk. ‘And the card we planted in your car that was our plan b if your grandfather didn’t make contact… we still are bound by some regulations we can’t just go kidnapping innocent civilians but now you’ve been caught breaking into a elite government facility complete with a stolen id card'.

    McCarthy let out a small smile. ‘We are good aren’t we Agent Richter’. Agent Richter winked at his younger companion and then continued to speak.

    ‘So when you don’t turn up for work tomorrow, that cute little girlfriend of yours is going to go to your house, find the broken glass in your driveway and you missing. We figure this should be enough to bring your old Grandfather out of hiding’.

    Agent Richter sniggered leaning back his chair. What a great plan he had thought of.

    Owen sat perfectly still, stunned at what was unfolding around him. Richter and McCarthy slowly walked out of the room. Owen rested his arms and head on the table thinking through everything that happened but his mind kept returning to one question. How could his Grandfather abandon him at just sixteen when he and no-one else? And not say anything... Not even goodbye.

    McCarthy and Richter were now on the other side of the mirror peering through the glass into the room.
    ‘Maybe we broke him?’ McCarthy said breaking the eerie silence.

    'Oh well... our organisations needs are ahead that of this somewhat pitiful individuals needs' Richter replied calmly.

    McCarthy took a small step back slightly disturbed at his superior’s response

    Megan was furious as she pulled her car into Owens driveway, he had not shown up to work and he hadn’t even called in sick. She had decided to give Owen a massive wake up call via a very stern talking to. Still fuming as she jumped out of the car she noticed the broken glass over the driveway. Oh god, hopefully he hasn’t been in another accident. She quickly paced to the front door and violently knocked on the door. ‘Owen are you there?’ ‘Hello?’ Nothing, she turned to go back to her car as she did she noticed a shadow moving in the house through the kitchen window. ‘Owen I just saw you moving!’ ‘Open up!’ she cried also returning to violently knocking on the door. ‘I’m not leaving till you open up!’ The door slowly creaked open. Revealing a sturdy well built man wearing a suit, with short grey but curly hair, and a short brown beard with a distinct greyish tinge to it. His green eyes looked weary and his face tired but Megan thought he was no more than in his late 50’s
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    Megan took a quick step back almost tripping over the small step leading to the doorway. 'Who are you? Is Owen there?' she gasped.

    The man stepped outside the door shaking his head. 'No he's not my dear, I'm guessing you are his girlfriend?'

    'Uh... No... We are just friends' she replied awkwardly. The man slightly frowned. 'Do you know where he is?' Megan said trying to change the subject to the more pressing matter at hand.

    'No I don't' responded the man although he could hazard a guess of what had happened to his grandson.

    'Who are you?' she said while looking over the man.

    'I'm his grandfather'.

    Megan glared at him 'No your not, he has no family left... he was raised by his grandfather who died'.

    The man laughed. 'I am old but I like to think that I'm still alive'. He gestured for her to come inside. 'Come my dear, I think we must talk'.

    Megan did not know why but she felt like she could trust the man and followed him into the house. The man pulled out a chair at the kitchen table gesturing for her to sit down. She hesitantly walked over to the chair.

    'Oh... where are my manners? 'I'm Walter, Owens Grandfather'. He extended his hand out towards her.

    'Megan' she said flatly while shaking his hand and giving him a slight nod.

    'Tea or coffee my dear?'

    Megan shook her head. 'No thanks'.

    Walter moved to the kitchen bench and began fidgeting with the electric kettle it took him some time to work out how to use it.

    'What did you want to talk to me about?' she said. Studying the man as he delicately made his tea in the kitchen.
    He paused for a second slightly lowering his head. 'I fear Owen may be in trouble and it's my fault'. He was now pacing back to the table. He sat down opposite Megan placing his tea in front of him.

    Megan gazed into his eyes. They were a strange grey colour and looked as if they were full of regret. 'Why... why did you abandon him?' she murmured regretting it as soon as she had said it.

    Walter moved his hand to his face rubbing his eyebrows with his fingers. 'I had to...'

    'He had no-one’ interrupted Megan.

    Walter continued talking. 'I worked for an organisation as a scientist, and I created something which I originally thought was beautiful. It was my life's work, but I soon came to realise it was too powerful for such an organisation or any organisation to possess. But they would stop at nothing to get it. I thought it would be better if they thought I was dead. Better for me, better for the world and better for Owen... as I said they would stop at nothing'.

    Megan stared at the man, fascinated. Strange he was a scientist but he struggled to get an electric kettle to work. 'What was it?' She then replied, now very curious.

    'Time Travel my dear, time travel.'

    Megan leant back in her chair studying at the strange man. He must be insane. Maybe it was better he did abandon Owen.

    Suddenly there was a large crash. Both Walter and Megan whirled around to the front the door. Two men in suits had kicked down the door and were now entering the house with their weapons raised.

    Walter! Where are you?' one of them shrieked at the same time firing random rounds into the walls of the house. The younger of the men looked at his superior. Maybe he is insane. He shrugged and entered the house.

    Walter grabbed Megan by the shoulder beckoning her to come. 'We have to move, now!'

    Megan was in shock and her ears were ringing from the gun fire. Walter ran dragging Megan along by the shoulder dodging furniture at the same time. They were now in the back yard, Walter surveyed the back fence. It was too high. He pulled a small device out of his pocket but it was too late.

    'Drop it old man' demanded one of the men.

    'Richter' murmured Walter in disgust.

    Richter had walked out the back door with his weapon raised, the sun glinting of one of Richter's fingers. Walter slowly placed the device on the ground and placed his hands on his head and gestured that Megan do the same. He did not want to give Richter any reason to start spraying bullets. Richter walked over to Walter and laughed as he picked up the small device of the ground and placed it in his pocket. Walter closed his eyes and grimaced. Richter then walked over to Megan he placed his hand under her chin tilting her head up and then using his other hand he stroke her hair away from her face.

    'Hmm... You are a fine little thing aren't you'. Megan was disgusted but tried to hide it, only letting out a small frown. The other man then walked out of the house. Megan was relieved as it finally drew Richter's attention away from her. Richter turned to him.

    'Ok McCarthy, these two are coming with us...just in case we don't know how to work this thing.' He paused. 'Time for a family reunion' he sniggered in the direction of Walter.
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    Both Walter and Megan were violently pushed into the interrogation room in which Owen still sat at the table. He glanced up at the new arrivals. He then stood up and walked toward Walter his fists clenched.

    Richter laughed on the other side of the mirror. 'Maybe he will kill him!’

    McCarthy eyes darted from the dark room to Richter. 'Should we put them in separate rooms?’ he said.

    ‘No way! We need some entertainment around here!’ grunted Richter.

    McCarthy left the room deep in thought, what a barbaric man his partner was turning out to be. His distaste for the man was growing.

    Walter stared into Owen's swirling dark blue eyes worried about the amount of anger he could see in them.

    'I'm sorry Owen' he said

    Megan placed her hand on Owen's shoulder slightly massaging in an attempt to calm him. It seemed to have worked Owen unclenched his fists and slightly bowed his head.

    'Why... why did you leave?' he stuttered.

    'Come, let’s sit. Ill explain everything' replied his Grandfather.

    All three of them walked over to the table. He then proceeded to tell his Grandson everything he had told Megan, with Megan adding small details about their run in with Richter and McCarthy.

    'I don't understand they already are capable of time travel… at least that is what they told me' Owen said querying his grandfather.

    'Indeed the original machine built by me. I programmed it to be only capable of small time jumps of about 2-3 years'. He paused. 'And as you can see they can even use that to devastating affect’. Walter put his head in his hands. ‘The one they have now is capable of two... two hundred year time jumps.’ He only just managed to get the words out. ‘I… should have destroyed it when I had the chance. It's my failure, my burden’.

    ‘My friends we have done it’. Richter was standing on a desk in main room of the building, the co-ordination room. He held the time travel device triumphantly in his hand. There were about fifty people in the room and they all stopped what they were doing and watched Richter. Most had been a deep trance with their computers at their desk while others were running around frantically handing out important documents to their co-workers. Richter continued. ‘We now have a device capable of changing the world’. Few knew what he was talking about, the organisation worked on a broad range of projects. Richter glanced down at his hand as he twisted the ring around on his index finger, focusing on the Skull.' Wrongs will be righted' he beamed across the large room. ‘History will be changed, the Persecutors will be com the persecuted, the Prosecuted will prosecute the Prosecutors, Heroes will become villains… and villains will become heroes!’ He then gave a slight bow, glanced down to the device in his hand, keyed in multiple demands and with a flash of light he was gone. Most people in the room still had no idea what was happening, some of them had given a small round of applause in the confusion. But most of them had now returned to their work unaware of what was happening. One man stood horrified not far from where Richter had just disappeared, his eyes wide with confusion and disbelief. His partner was a mad man. What had he gone to do? His speech was nothing short of deeply disturbing. He knew there was only one man that could help him now.

    Megan sat studying Owen chatting with his grandfather, thinking this is the happiest she had seen him in a long time yet this is currently one of the lowest points in her own life. Life plays out in strange ways. The cheer across his face had a great effect, extenuating his features. She had been attracted to him since the first day she had laid eyes on him pacing across that class room. What a cliché’ she thought shaking her head. Suddenly the door of the room burst open. McCarthy hurled himself through the door gasping for breath.

    ‘We have a problem’ he said in the direction of Walter.

    Walter sprang to his feet drawing level with McCarthy. ‘What? What’s happened?’ ‘

    'It’s Richter… He’s gone’.

    Walter stared at McCarthy. ‘What do you mean gone?’

    McCarthy took a deep breath. ‘Into the past... He’s gone into the past. He said he was going to change history’.

    Walter suddenly looked terrified. ‘What else did he say? Tell me everything!’ he demanded.

    McCarthy then relayed the speech to the trio, Walter looking more terrified with every line while Owen and Megan stood their in confusion. ‘Oh and he seemed much focused on this ring that he had on his finger’ McCarthy finished. Walter’s eyes widened… he had seen this ring many times before on Richter’s finger, most recently gleaming in the sunlight as he aimed his weapon at him earlier in the day. It was an SS honour ring.' Do you have cameras in here?’ he exclaimed.

    ‘Ah… Yes in every room, follow me’ stammered McCarthy

    Walter glanced back at his Grandson and Megan both had a confused look on their faces. ‘There coming too’. McCarthy gave a slight nod of approval.

    They were now in a room which was not much larger than the depressing room they had been locked in. However this room was a polar opposite so bright that Owen had to close his eyes for several seconds when he entered the room. There were screens all over the walls, some showing rooms from within the building while others depicted places Owen could not recognise. The group moved over to the only person in the room, who nervously twitched in her seat.

    'Bring me up 15 minutes ago in the co-ordination room' demanded McCarthy

    The woman quickly typed into a keyboard resting on the desk. The group could see Richter standing on the desk projecting his voice across the room.

    ‘Can you switch cameras to a view from the behind the man on the desk?’ Walter quickly asked.

    The woman obliged, the view quickly changing to a view from behind Richter.

    ‘Zoom into the device into the mans hand’ Walter said softly. The screen was now focused on the device in Richter’s hand.

    '1/10/1941' Walter read out aloud.

    He then lowered his eyes to the numbers below the date. He knew exactly what they were preset co-ordinates in the device for Berlin, Germany.

    ‘He has gone to Nazi Germany’ Walter cried out, his eyes wide with fear. ‘This could be devastating’.

    Owen slightly laughed. ‘How is one man going to do that?’ he said, attempting to stop laughing.

    ‘Richter has worked here longer than me Owen! The secrets... the things he knows would be catastrophic in the hands of the Nazi’s.’.

    Owen stepped forward his eyes transfixed on the screen. ‘And he has the only device capable of travelling back that far’ he murmured.

    ‘We can use the less powerful device you already have. Travel back in time to earlier today and prevent Richter getting the device in the first place. Can’t we? Megan said while searching Walter’s face for an answer.

    ‘Follow me’ McCarthy said beginning to leave the room.

    Megan and Owen stared at the large machine facing them. About 20 ft wide and 10ft high it almost took up the whole room. It had a large glass chamber with a sliding door in the middle with large metal pipes going of in every direction, and small flashing lights riddled throughout it. Megan turned to Walter who was busy fiddling with the machine.

    ‘How did you make the other one so small?

    Walter slightly bemused, let out a small smile.

    ‘The other one as you so delicately put it is simply harnesses this machines power wirelessly’.

    Walter turned to McCarthy expecting an angry reaction, McCarthy said nothing. Walter then paused to look at his watch.

    ‘We are going to have to risk it… and go back just before Richter leaves. We cant risk leaving him in Germany for too long. The slightest thing could change everything. It’s our only hope’.

    ‘What are we waiting for then?’ snapped McCarthy.

    McCarthy walked towards the machine. Walter put his arm across McCarthy’s chest.

    ‘You can’t come... the other you will be there in the same room. I don’t want to know what would happen if you saw each other. I’ll go by myself’.

    ‘You wont be able stop him by yourself. I’m coming with you’ said Owen.

    Walter whirled around to look at his grandson. Could he risk his grandson’s life for his own mistakes? He had to, there was no other way. ‘Ok, it’s you and me then’ he said patting his grandson on his shoulder. Thinking how proud he was of him.
    Megan stepped forward to say something but McCarthy interrupted.

    ‘No that’s it, your not going as well little lady’ he said grabbing her by the arm. She looked at Owen in protest.

    ‘You must stay here my dear’ Walter said apologetically.

    ‘Please don’t leave me here’ Megan yelped, her eyes pleading at Owen. Owen was about to speak but his Grandfather interrupted him.

    ‘Oh come on then we don’t have the time to argue’. McCarthy swore under his breath. Walter then turned and opened the sliding door and walked into the glass chamber, Owen and Megan followed nervously. Walter entered some commands into the machine using a small keypad within the glass chamber. Owen felt Megan grip his hand tightly, he squeezed back. It happened very quickly, Megan felt her whole body tingle, and there was extreme flash of light causing Megan to close her eyes and when she opened them she was still standing in the glass chamber. She turned to Walter and Owen who were also just regaining their senses.

    ‘Did it work?’ she said shortly.

    ‘Let’s hope so’ Walter sighed.

    Then within an instant he was opening the chamber door beckoning the other two to follow. They entered the co-ordination room just as Richter was ascending to the top of the desk. The trio were making there way through the jungle of desks when Walter felt a hand on his shoulder.

    ‘What they hell do you think you’re doing?’ Walter turned around to see McCarthy staring at him. He didn’t have the time to explain, and that’s even if he believed him. His only hope was if he heard Richter’s Speech.

    ‘Wrongs will be righted’ echoed across the room. McCarthy kept a tight grip on Walters shoulder but turned to his focus to his partner who’s was upon a desk giving a strange speech. Owen and Megan slowly slipped away towards Richter. They were now directly in front of him, Richter was too absorbed in himself to notice anything.
    ‘The prosecuted will prosecute the prosecutors’ bellowed across the room. ‘Heroes will become…’ Owen leapt from his position spearing into Richter and tackling him to the ground, he had caught him off guard but Richter had a wealth of experience in hand to hand combat and easily dispatched Owen. He gave him a sharp blow to his throat with the edge of his open hand leaving Owen spluttering for air on the floor. Richter then attempted to flee the building with the time travel device safely stowed away in his pocket.

    ‘Richter! Do not Move!’ demanded McCarthy. He jammed his weapon into Richter's back. Richter dropped his gun to the floor. ‘Now do as I say Richter’. He grabbed him by the shoulder with one hand, the other hand still pointing his gun at Richter's back. 'Walk' he demanded. He pushed him in the Direction of the exit. Within an instant Richter had grabbed McCarthy's hand which was resting on his shoulder and twisted it behind is back pushing his arm towards his neck until a loud crack came from McCarthy's shoulder. McCarthy fell to his knees writhing in pain still holding his weapon limply in his other hand. Richter smashed his boot into McCarthy's hand sending his gun flying across the room. He then picked up his Owen weapon and prodded McCarthy's damaged shoulder with it.

    ‘How does that feel?’ he sniggered. ‘How about this?’ hitting his shoulder hard with the handle. McCarthy collapsed to the ground. Richter laughed. ‘Get back on your knees’ he snarled. McCarthy struggled back to his knees. Walter and Megan rushed over to try and aid McCarthy. Richter raised his gun at them. ‘Any closer and ill shoot him and you’. They backed off hoping McCarthy's terror had finished. Richter pressed his gun once again at McCarthy's clearly broken shoulder and fired. McCarthy fell to the ground in a heap barely moving. Richter then proceeded to flee the building, running like a mad man. The people who had been working away at there desks had now either hidden under their desks or ran in terror. Walter and Megan rushed to McCarthy, he had slowly turned onto his back, still wearing his dark glasses. A large red mass slowly overtaking the white shirt he was wearing. They helped him to his feet every movement causing him to wince in pain. Unknown to them Owen had grabbed McCarthy's weapon and gave chase to Richter.

    ‘Can you walk?’ asked Walter.

    ‘I’ll manage' moaned McCarthy.

    'I need you to do one thing for me... ‘Go to the room where the other “us” are and make sure they make it to the time machine’. McCarthy nodded walking away as fast as he could.

    ‘We have to go after-he noticed Owen was no where to be seen-oh god where is Owen?’ he cried loudly. Walter and Megan Simultaneously began running in the direction where Richter had fled, Walter slightly lagging behind.

    Owen was now out of the building and in the industrial area. He saw Richter running down an alley way, he sprinted after him. They alley way was a dead end. Richter was kicking in a door to a large seemingly abandoned factory. He saw Owen in the corner of his eye and fired a few shots in his direction all of them missing. He had managed to kick the door in and was now in the factory, trying to buy time to key in the details into the device but Owen was right behind him. Richter headed for their stairs and reached the next level of the building. He briefly turned to look at Owen I should be able to outrun this kid. He ran onto the next set of stairs and continued doing this until he was on the final level of the building occasionally aiming his weapon back and firing a few blind rounds. He climbed the final set of stares and kicked in the door at the height of stairs. He was now on the roof. Owen was still only seconds behind him. Richter had had enough of being chased. He turned around his gun aimed at the doorway to the roof. Owen busted through the door but quickly stopped when he saw Richter was looking at him down the barrel of a gun. Richter smiled at his fear and pulled the trigger, there was no bang just a sequence of clicks. The gun had jammed. He frantically tried to fix it, pulling the trigger multiple times and shaking the gun in his hand but it was too late. Owen was upon him but not too close he had seen what happened to McCarthy.

    ‘Drop the gun, give me the device and get on the ground face down’ he demanded. The gun raised in the direction of Richter.

    ‘You wouldn’t shoot me. You couldn’t’ he stammered while slowly backing towards the edge of the roof.

    Owen lowered his gun and fired at Richter clipping in him the leg. Richter screamed and fell backwards to the floor dropping the gun from his hand. He was still edging himself to the edge of roof.

    ‘The device!’ Owen again demanded.
    Richter wrenched the device free from his pocket and through it at the ground. Owen bent down and picked it up placing it in his pocket. Richter was using his hands to slowly pull his body along but was still facing in the direction of Owen, he began talking.

    ‘I’m just like you, you know?’

    Owen shook his head slowly pacing toward Richter.

    ‘I also had no-one, my father… my father left when I was just 3. To fight for his country… he was a hero! Richter was now at the edge of the roof. He glanced down to the ground; it was too far to jump. ‘The allies spat on his grave, tarnishing the name of the SS. Tarnishing his name. He was a hero!’ he screamed. ‘Then my mother… my beautiful mother was killed by a cursed bombing raid. They should have been the villains! They should have been prosecuted! They destroyed my country… my family!’ Owen saw the hatred growing in Richter’s face. ‘See? We are the same… I had no-one… Just like you’. Owen empathised for him. He did now he felt. He couldn’t kill this pitiful man. He lowered his gun.

    Megan arrived onto the roof followed by Walter. ‘Do not lower your gun! You can’t trust him!’ bellowed Walter from across the roof. But it was too late. Richter had jumped up and grabbed Owen frantically searching his pockets for the device. Owen raised the gun towards his head. Richter pulled himself and Owen towards the edge of the roof. If he was going to die he was going to take someone with him. Richter leant back forcing all his weight towards the edge. Megan sprinted towards them, Walter followed close behind using every piece of strength left in his body to try and get there in time. Megan was now just feet away but it was too late she couldn’t see them anymore they had disappeared from the roof… second later a sickening thud. No-one could have survived. Walter had now drawn level with Megan. She was on her knees in great despair, quietly sobbing. Walter bent down grabbed her by hand and picked her up and pulled her close to him, she now sobbing into his chest he also had tears streaming down his face. Suddenly he saw another man walking onto the roof, McCarthy. He was walking quite slowly his right arm carefully gripping his left to try to make it moved as little as possible, every step causing him to wince in pain. He saw Walter and Megan, both looked distraught. He dropped to his knees and looked to the sky and whispered something neither Walter nor Megan could quite understand. For the first time he removed his dark glasses, a single tear rolled down his cheek, he then stood up and walked over towards Walter and Megan. Megan could hear the man laughing as he got closer and closer. She pulled away from Walter, ready to explode. Owen had just died... and he was laughing? He was now standing directly in front of her staring into her eyes.

    ‘Owen…?’ she said in disbelief.

    Walter grabbed the man and glared at him. He had long blonde hair which covered his face, a short brown beard and he looked like he had aged significantly but it was Owen.

    ‘How…?’ Walter stammered.

    ‘Time travel’ he smiled.

    ‘But why do you look so much older’? Walter muttered in disbelief.

    ‘I’ve lived this day over and over again’ Owen said. He pulled the device out of his blazer pocket and through it to Walter. ‘Destroy it’. Walter nodded knowingly.

    ‘Why over and over again?’ Megan stammered, staring at Owen. ‘To change fate’ he said flatly. Megan pulled him close to her carefully avoiding his broken shoulder. Owen did not want to let her go… he had seen her die thousands of times .

    Walter had walked over to edge of the roof and peered down, ‘too bad he couldn’t change his own fate’ he murmured to himself looking at the mangled body of Richter. He looked at the device in his hand it seemed to be slightly damaged he put his hand over the edge of the roof and let go sending it smashing to the ground, he was flooded with relief. He turned back to his Grandson, smiling as he saw him and Megan embracing on the roof top.

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