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    Maps & College Apps: Two Questions

    Discussion in 'Publishing' started by MumblingSage, May 7, 2008.

    Two questions, both of which vaguely have to do with publishing, both of which I'm just plain curious about.

    1. First, in a lot of fantasy books you find maps on the front covers or first pages. If an author has a map they want to use in the book, do they include it with their submissions packet to a publisher or agent? For that matter, when do any of the fun things at the front of the book, like quotes, dedications, or acknowledgements, get added? This mostly out of curiosity, since I don't plan to write a great American novel anytime soon.

    2. When I'm writing my college application, should I mention any publishing credits I've had in ezines? On the one hand, I think it's something interesting about me, but on the other whoever's reviewing my app probably won't recognize the ezines and I don't know how impressed they'd be. Any guidelines?
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    it's not mandatory, but when the complete ms has been requested [you don't send it, if it hasn't been], it would be a good idea to include it, since if it's meant to help the readers know where the heck things are happening, it'll do same for agent/publisher...

    after your ms has been accepted by the publisher... agents have no need to know all that stuff and acquisitions editors won't want to be bothered with it...

    i'm not up on college app etiquette, but i don't know what having your stuff on freebie sites would do to help you get accepted... but if they're works you were paid for, it would be more impressive and if you're intending to major in one of the writing arts, could certainly help, i should think...

    hope this helps...

    love and hugs, maia

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