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    MBthegirl and Solar - Weekly Poetry Contest (159) Joint Winners

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Aug 12, 2011.

    By MBthegirl

    I just watch
    feet shrouded in leather skyscrapers clatter past
    diamond enveloped fingers with manicured talons
    curled around breath-taking reticules

    I watch in awe
    of their amazing Armani associations
    and Burberry best buddies
    cold Chanel compatriots
    and new flawless fabulous Fendi friendships

    I inch a little closer
    we share a knowing smile
    and turn back to our game

    I sit with you
    letting the time slip away
    sipping our mocha lattes
    the bustle swallowing our conversation
    it was just another Saturday in Times Square


    Diogenes and the Featherless Chicken
    By Solar

    His flat feet slapped the marble.
    His crows-feet sharpened
    on a whetstone of merriment.
    He had an urge to bark and growl
    in the corridors
    of enlightened learning,
    but it was too soon
    to hold forth
    as Plato had yet
    to behold the naked truth:
    He dashed in on the lecture,
    grinned sardonically,
    plonked a bizarre
    but familiar animal
    at Plato’s feet, saying
    ‘Here’s your man!’

    As if on cue
    the raw, leathery fowl
    clucked before it pecked
    the plump toes
    of a gobsmacked dreamer
    all red in the cheeks:
    but at the same time
    positively moved.
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