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    Mechanics on how to classify characters based on their powers

    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by tsukiyukiko, Apr 25, 2021.

    So, basically, I am creating a fantasy world in which you either have magic or not.
    On your 16th birthday, there will be a "initiation rite" to tell whether you have powers or not and if you do, which ones.
    Something like the talking hat in Harry Potter but with a test.

    People who have magical powers are divided into:

    - The bankers: they can create money from blood
    - Healers
    - Protectors: they can create shields
    - Shapeshifters (this one will be the most rare one)

    Any ideas of how to sort these people out?
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    Way, way out there
    You just sorted them into 4 categories. What more are you looking for? Maybe hierarchizing them by level of powers? Or subdividing the categories farther?
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    Again, this is one of those questions where the answer is "whatever you want".

    It could be a talking walrus tells you what your powers are. Maybe you have four different soups that you have to drink and the one you like tells you which powers you have. Maybe you develop a rash in the shape of a banana, and that tells you you're a healer.

    It's YOUR story. It's up to you to come up with the mechanism, and that's down to your imagination.
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    I have a feeling that the whole creating money from blood thing would be bad for the economy. All it really does is create inflation.

    But uh, to answer your question, it sounds like you need to think of fancy names for each class. Generators, Restorers, Protectors, Mutators. Something like that. Then you can add variation to each group by making them restore, mutate, or generate something different.
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