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    The presence of Y'golonac

    Meeting the Goddess

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by zoupskim, Jul 6, 2016.

    To quote Joseph Campbell "For she is the incarnation of the promise of perfection, the soul’s assurance that, at the conclusion of the exile in a world of organized inadequacies, the bliss that once was known will be known again."

    In a broad interpretation of hero's journey, 'Meeting the Goddess' is when the Hero becomes complete. There is something holding them back from succeeding as the Hero. Maybe they are struggling with a personality flaw, or they doubt their purpose. Maybe all their friends are gone, and this moment is when they are not alone.

    Describe when one of your characters "Met their Goddess."

    For my character, Meeting the Goddess is simply when they finally meet a competent soldier. She is fearless, powerful, and suspicious of the Hero. She questions the Hero's actions, and reveals a truth to the Hero, helping them grow and teaching them what they can do to succeed.
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    I was actually quite unfamiliar with this term until you brought it up here, so I'll try my best to contribute.

    For one of my protagonists, meeting the goddess is when she remeets her own sister, who has completely lost her own memories, and gets the chance to rebuild her destroyed family relationship with her, and gives her the excuse she needs to try to be a "good person" again.
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    My characters meet their goddess as said goddess is running from away her goblin-throwing companion. :supergrin:
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