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    Metal Gear Solid

    Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by David Tice, Mar 19, 2016.

    I'm sure there are fans of this series here as I just read a really good fan fic, I just wanted to start a thread where we can all come together and praise the series as a whole. I missed a lot of the games following Snake Eater because I was in prison but up to that point I see the greatness. I'm so ready to get a PS and get the next installment after that, one of my friends told me that there is a game which follows Raiden in the ninja suit. I can only imagine what happens when he runs into Snake again. I also want to know what happens with Ocelot. Feel free to give a spoiler here lol.
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    Right under your nose!

    You've missed MGS4, Peace Walker and MGSV (Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain).

    If had to rank them in terms of story....cause gameplay wise MGSV is the best and plus MGS is really about the story. I'll leave out Metal Gear 1 and 2 for the MSX as they are important to overall story but more primitive in their story and writing.

    So wouldn't be fair to compare them.

    So in terms of story.

    I'd say MGS3>MGS1>Peace Walker>MGS2=MGS4 and then MGSV.

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