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    MI5: Detain a CIA agent discovered committing a crime, or Police ?

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Howard_B, Aug 18, 2014.

    In the middle of an investigation, an MI5 case officer and his team discover that a London based CIA officer has committed a crime.
    Can MI5 make the detention or arrest ? or is everything simply passed over lock stock and barrel to the Met ?
    Can MI5 bring the agent in to their building for questioning ?

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    It's recently come to my attention that MI5 and the CIA work much closer than I had been aware. I'd be surprised if any action would be taken at all. Almost two years ago I applied for SSDI (US disability) and during my interview with the federal worker, he informed me that I did two years in the military. I did four years - not two. Though surprised, I wasn't shocked; my last two years were spent in mostly clandestine activities.

    What did shock me was about a week after speaking to an elderly neighbor about it (their claim that I only did two years - not my actually duties in the military), I got a call from a retired CIA operative. Turns out he was friends with my neighbor who asked him if he might do some digging. He found my missing records in London. Turns out the CIA holds potentially damning military records for MI5 and vice versa - which is quite a trusting relationship.
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