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    Discussion in 'Research' started by Hubardo, Jul 27, 2015.

    My girlfriend gets crushing migraines and it really sucks for her. I know nothing about migraines except they hurt and fuck up your day/life. Our local newspaper had some ad for a doctor who is highly reputed for helping people get rid of migraines for good so I sent her a link a few weeks ago. She's been seeing him and he's had her cut out gluten, alcohol, dairy, processed sugar, and now has her cutting out all her medicines (she was taking three or four). She has been amazing about everything, pretty strict only slipping up once every couple weeks with some bread or a glass of wine. A few days ago she went off her final medication and the headaches got insane. The doctor told her beforehand that her body would probably react this way. Since he has a reputation of having helped people with migraines I don't think he's crazy but it has been a really grueling process for her. She simply can't live her life with these migraines so she's doing whatever he says and has tried just about everything. People say "have you tried this thing, that thing," she rolls her eyes "yes I've tried that, leave me alone."

    Hmm, why am I posting. Oh yeah. Does anybody have any success stories with migraines? She is looped into this cycle that makes her feel very hopeless because even in the 2-3 months she has been seeing this doctor nothing has helped much. Two weeks ago she had to go to the ER despite having cut out all this stuff from her diet. It's very frustrating for her, and for me. I'm sure folks have input because migraines are really common.


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