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    Modern romance......

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by restore, Mar 11, 2009.

    I m writing a lady with a daughter lost in a big city, doing different jobs to survive , and later she met someone and started a romance. I want to make it a modren style romance but a real deep love story. Myself is a classic personality, so now i feel it a little hard to find ideas to make it work. Need some oil:)

    By the way, If u will decide to date a guy or a lady, what is the first important thing for u? for a guy is the attractive looks, for a lady is the manly character?
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    As a guy, I'd say that looks might grab my attention first, but it's not necessarily the one quality that keeps it. I'm a very simple guy, so here's my short (and very subjective) list of good and bad things I notice when deciding to date someone (in no particular order):

    The Good:

    Reliability: If she does what she's says she's going to do, that's a very good thing. For example, if she says she'll meet me someplace at 8pm and shows up on time (no last minute cancellation, doesn't stand me up, doesn't show up 40 minutes late, etc) that's a good thing, and actually says a lot about her character without me having to make this response any longer.

    Flexibility: I really appreciate someone who's willing to try new stuff (new drinks, new snacks, a different kind of restaurant, etc) and who can adapt to unexpected changes. It's hard being around a girl who freaks out when it suddenly starts raining or if a bar happens to run out of her favorite vodka.

    Humor/anarchy: She doesn't have to be an outright comedian, but someone who's funny (or likes to laugh) is great to be around with. And also, a slight touch of anarchy is always great. It's fun to be around someone who's played pranks and did some mildly dangerous things as a child.

    Being Sweet: This is my personal favorite quality in a woman. Right here. Yes. Being sweet. Me like.

    Red Flags (some things that will ensure that I'll never call again)

    Talks too much: It's okay if ladies do most of the talking at any given time, but there's a difference between being talked at vs. having a conversation.

    Takes herself too seriously
    : Nothing screams insecurity like a woman who can't stand a mild ribbing (so long as the guy doesn't cross the line into insulting her personally, and steers clear of saying negative things about your clothes, hair, and thighs).

    Abrasive: I don't mind people disagreeing with me, but a woman who looks upon me with disdain if I happen to hold different views on a certain law, philosophy, or ice cream flavor shouldn't expect me to call back after that good-night handshake.

    Inflexible know-it-all: It's a real turn-off being around someone who thinks she's right all the time, and feels she has to opine strongly on everything (even on topics of which she has little or no understanding). I imagine it's also annoying when guys do this.

    Negativity/Pessimism: No explanation needed

    Anyway, there's more I could say but I don't want this posting to go on forever. I am by no means a relationship expert and am just offering my own personal thoughts. Hope it helps!

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