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    Moving text between programs

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by 123456789, May 4, 2014.


    When I want to move something from one program to another, like Scrivener to Word or vice versa, or pdf to word, is there any easy way to fix the format of the text, so that I don't have to straighten out and indent every line myself?
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    For Word, there's a "paste without formatting" (the icon with the letter A when you're choosing which way you want to paste.)

    But more generally, when moving text between program-with-formatting to other-program-with-formatting, I usually scrub out the formatting by

    - pasting it into a text editor
    - saving the resulting document
    - closing the document
    - re-opening the document and copying it again.

    I don't always have to do the save-and-reopen, but I have yet to figure out exactly when it's necessary and when it isn't, so I'm just offering the longer procedure. If you don't have a plain text editor, you could use Word's .txt format, even if Word isn't otherwise part of the transaction; that should do the same thing.

    That means that all formatting will be stripped. However, if you have hard line breaks, it won't fix that. In that case, I usually do a search-and-replace sequence, assuming that I have one break between lines in a paragraph and two breaks between paragraphs:

    - Replace instances of two carriage returns with something weird that I'll remember.
    - Replace instances of one carriage return with a space.
    - Replace instances of two spaces with one space.
    - Replace the weird thing from the beginning with either one or two carriage returns, depending on how you wanted it formatted.

    You could similarly mass-replace all tabs, if the paragraphs are manually indented.
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    save as 'rtf' first?

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