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    MS Word Header/Footer glitch with sections...

    Discussion in 'Software' started by Wreybies, Mar 9, 2015.

    It goes like this:

    You have an MS Word document that consists of several "sections". You know that all the headers and footers in all of the sections have been clicked to not follow the previous sections. You know this because you have checked a million times and because the whole reason for creating separate sections was because you needed the headers and footers to be different in each respective subsequent section.

    There's a section at the very end that you don't need. You delete all the text and then delete the section break that gives rise to the now-unneeded section. This is when murderous thoughts begin to populate my neocortex. No matter what I do, when I delete that section break, all the headers and footers in the remaining above sections disappear. All of them.

    Anyone have any idea how to remedy this before I send Bill Gates a high-res photo of my ball-sack as testimony to my regard for his product?

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