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    Multiple personalities stuck together

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by CraniumInsanium, Jul 14, 2014.

    I was going to post this as a challenge, but since this is for "developmental" purposes, here works!

    Your challenge should you choose to accept it is this;

    You and several other people are at a restaurant, gas station or superstore and the power gets knocked out along with anything electronic. You don't know if this was caused by a solar flare, emp attack, act of divinity, or was the opening salvo in an invasion of some kind. Your task is to provide character developments consistent with a crisis. Your characters will spend the next 24 hours together. Start the story just before whatever it is happens, and lead us through it, and how everyone deals with it.

    -the leader type
    -the anarchist/rebel
    -the timid one
    -the pacifist
    -the negotiator
    -the religious nut

    The point of this would be to think like and accurately describe any type of person you might encounter in a situation you might have to spend extended amounts of time with. Think of Stephen Kings, "The Mist" and watch the store scene from initial sighting of mist all the way to escaping. Who is a leader, the crazy one and so on. Just thought this might be a fun exercise getting inside of multiple personalities for each writer.
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    Sounds like work!

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