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    Discussion in 'Research' started by Crazy Ivan, Mar 7, 2008.

    Are there any doctors in the house? (Erm, forum?) Because I've got a few questions about muteness, and I'm not sure if anyone here knows the answer- but I'm guessing the collective knowledge here is better than my thoughts alone.

    So let's say I wanted to have a permanently mute character. Not because of religious reasons, and not just a speech disorder- like, he's been screwed up so that he is permanently mute. (If it helps, the screwy-upiness was because of some mad scientists going all gonzo on his insides when he was young, so you can let your imaginations run wild as to what got screwed up inside him.)
    So I guess my questions would be this:

    1. Would this even be possible? Like, could something in his throat or vocal cords be messed up to the point where speech would be made impossible?
    2. If so, what would have to happen?
    3. This question is partly out of curiosity, but I'm sure plenty of other people have wondered it, too- if someone were to be mute in this matter, would they be able to laugh? Yell or scream? Cry or gasp? All those sound effects- would they be possible?

    It's a lot to ask, I know, and some of the questions may be totally beyond what you know, but I thought I might as well put it out there...
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    I would start by reading articles picked up by the keyword search laryngeal surgery rehabilitation.
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    of course... if his vocal cords are damaged to the point they won't work to create speech, he'd be mute...

    basically, the vocal cord would have to be affected in some way, since it's vibration is what causes the sounds... infections and disease can cause the damage, as well... and psychological mutism is also possible... an emotional event/trauma often causes mutism, but that can be reversed with therapy, where physical damage might not...

    some sounds can be created simply by air passing through the throat, going out of or into the lungs, even if the vocal cord is damaged... and if the cause is psychological, any of the above would still be possible, since the mechanical ability to make sounds remains undamaged...

    hope that helps some... try googling for 'causes of mutism' for more info...

    love and hugs, maia

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