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    My current project is loosely based on a musical and I'm listening to recordings

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Morwen Edhelwen, Jan 13, 2013.

    The current project I'm working on is loosely based on a very well-known musical (Evita) and I'm listening to cast recordings to help set the mood (studio cast and movie soundtrack) even though the novel is set in futuristic Cuba. Does anyone else listen to a particular CD while planning things out?
    Or have something in the works or in progress loosely based on something else?

    Here's a sample of what I have:
    Che is a clone of Che, Eva is also a singer (as well as an actress) who's got a radio show on a secret station and is hugely possessive of him and plays a parental role, the Peron figure is the President's trusted advisor, and the first lady is Eva's "best friend".
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    i often play music to set the scene in my head, when writing about a particular place... such as playing mariachi music when i was writing about mexico and bazouki cds when writing about greece [i've been many times to both, so it 'brings it back']...

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