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    My Future timeline is complete!!!

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Maximum7, Oct 6, 2017.

    My Future civilization timeline. Help and feedback? This is my predicted future timeline of the world

    1. The Post-Information Age -not too far in the future. Maybe 20 years

    2. The Fusion Age -the discovery of sustainable fusion power ushers in a new Era of unlimited energy and the end of fossil fuels

    3. Nano Age -Nanotechnology truly takes off and permeates every aspect of life

    4. Interstellar Age -With the discovery of Faster-than-light travel, humans can now explore the galaxy

    5. Intergalactic Age -After learning how to transverse the void between galaxies, humanity explores the universe

    6.Post-Intergalactic Age -Humanity begins to settle and inhabits all parts of the universe

    7. Energy Age -Humanity learns how to convert themselves to pure energy and exist in their own designer universes.

    7+. The Big Crunch -The universe ends and a new one is born in its place This is how I envision the future. Except for the 7+ Big Crunch Era, can you help me think of 10 inventions/technologies/concepts for each era except 7+? Thanks!!!!
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    Regardless if you believe the universe will end in a Big Crunch, heat death, or big rip, are you aware of the mind crushing time periods over which either would have to occur?

    Before the end of the universe, there are several evolutions it will still go through. What happens between intergalactic and Big Crunch? The galaxies will slowly merge and die. Stars die and galaxies run out of fuel for anything other than degenerate objects.
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    James Blish's Cities in Flight has a cracking section at the end of the universe, it's a great book

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