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    My humble introduction

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Brett_TG, Sep 17, 2013.

    I always find these introductory type posts awkward. Since childhood I have always been a very private person. I tend not to talk about myself very often; of course, that makes this type of post rather difficult. Please, bear with me.

    As a child I used to enjoy writing. When I was still in the school system I would spend much of my free time writing, ridiculously amateurish, superhero, sports, and fantasy stories. Even though they were terrible I really enjoyed the act of creating. The past 13 years I have done no writing; without realizing, I just dropped it from my life completely. Now I have the itch to write again, and I would like to create a story that is actually good.

    I have always found grammar to be a tremendous struggle.I have been training very hard to improve, but I feel that I need to join a community like this one to ensure my progress does not stagnate.
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    Welcome, Brett :)

    Fear not, for here you will find grammar gurus galore. From the strictly regimented, to the artfully playful. There will be continuous banter from Prescriptive Grammarians, Descriptive Grammarians and those, like myself, who fall somewhere in between. ;) Here are the Forum Rules to ensure a proper start. Have fun. :)

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    Hi Brett

    I'm new here too (and already made a major mistake from which I was swiftly saved :) )

    I'm a total grammar fiend so I'll help out if I can. And your initial post looks pretty good to me!

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