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    Discussion in 'Setting Development' started by LegendsTheFour, Oct 2, 2013.

    Hey! I've been writing here and there and I do enjoy it. I've used 3-4 months trying to build up and start writing this novel. I get to mid chapter 3, that's it. I just stop and I can't get further. It's not that I'm not writing or anything, it's that I'm just stuck. And I thought to myself, why? Why is it that I just stop up? And I read through my work. It wasn't badly written or anything, but I realized my problem. I have five different main characters and one villain involved in 2 and a half chapters of my very first book. That is not a good combination. So I figured that I stick to my plan, to my story, but I just rewrite the beginning and do minor changes to the plot.

    Way more easier and enjoyable to write. I feel like I'm going somwhere and I can focus more on one character and get into the depths of that character. Because you don't know you character fully thorough because you're the author, while you write you will discover the character's new side and story twists that you hadn't planned.

    Lesson: Writing in only one PoV and focusing on one character in the beginning makes it easier to write and more enjoyable and will develop your story in a greater way!

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