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  1. Cazaloo90

    Cazaloo90 New Member

    Oct 19, 2015
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    My Progress Journal. The POV of a group of Exotic Dancers.

    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by Cazaloo90, Oct 19, 2015.

    I have been compiling writing for this book for around 2 to 3 months now and have created around 10,000 words.

    Half of those will naturally have to be chopped. So if I want a book at 100,000 words, I will need to write 200,000. That means I am 5% of the way! Excellent.

    The story will follow, or at least comment on the lives of a group of women who are exotic dancers, or 'Strippers'.
    It will offer an accurate portrayal of the life and lifestyle that some of these women live, including; relationship problems, drug and alcohol abuse, and the luxury of having a lot of money.

    The main protagonist will be an educated girl who turned to stripping to fund herself at University, or doing a professional job which did not pay well enough. The money and the flexibility that stripping afforded her enchanted her and she made the decision to give up a normal job to pursue a luxurious life of travelling and stripping around the world in her 20's.

    She takes a break from stripping and falls for a guy and he is unaware about her profession, she does not fit the stereotype that strippers tend to fall into and she wasn't stripping when she met him so he has no suspicions.

    Due to a previous failed relationship/ Male drama, she choses not to tell the new guy about her job and finds it increasingly harder the closer they get to conceal this part of her life. She is also, debating as to weather or not she should return to stripping, as that was always the plan before she met the guy.

    For the time being she does not go back to stripping, and she returns to bar tending. However this creates a strain on the relationship as he works days and she works evenings, and both of them do not earn much money. As a dancer she could work less hours and earn more money, which would essentially improve their relationship, furthermore the nature of dancing allows her to work far away and it still be financially rewarding and flexible, so she could potentially go back to it but lie about it- So she is dealing with this dichotomy.

    There will be occasional sup plots separate from the story as a whole that will act as independent short stories- covering topics such as prostitution, middle age strippers, drug and alcohol abuse, body dismorphia, and maybe some nice and uplifting stories as well. though the general tone will be somewhat negative/ warning.

    The scope will be broad offering various points of views from different kinds of strippers, and the men that indulge in them, and potentially offer a satirical 'How to' guide to making money as a strpper.

    I want to write 10,000 words a month, so 2.5 a week
  2. PegasusBaby

    PegasusBaby New Member

    Nov 6, 2015
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    I love stories set in our world. I know fantasy is great and I tend to zip through those books but there's so much you can write about concerning real settings and plausible events. I wish you luck on your novel. Mine is about a girl whose best friend is her world but unfortunately her family who takes care of her (she is unwell) don't approve of the friend's overall character. It's not meant to be a long book. I'm looking at about 70,000 words at the moment. Question: Do you think I can write a book that classifies at YA without giving it the la-la feel that most of those books have? What defines a book as YA? Is it merely the age of the characters?
  3. Ippo

    Ippo Member

    Nov 5, 2015
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    2.5k words a week is a good goal you set yourself. That means you get to write every day. Keep to your goal it will take you infinitely closer to achieving your dream in the long run.
    The story you mentioned so far doesn't sound like I would be a big fan of it but I shall have a look either way, since - in some way - we're all in this togethere here. I am not opposed to being convinced otherwise by your story.
    Keep it up!

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